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ZO Skin Centre

Be forewarned!
If you live in the Southern California area, do NOT go to Dr. Obaji or to ZO Skin Centre.
This now corporate-run business alleges to be number one in the world of plastic surgery, filler, skin care, beauty, BUT THAT IS ALL A LIE.
At the Beverly Hills office and Pasadena location, the staff are unlicensed and posing as so-called licensed providers, while performing expensive procedures on clients BUT ACTUALLY BOTCHING THEIR FACES AND BODIES AND CREATING EXTREME DISFIGURMENT AND HARM AND DAMAGES!
I was one of the many victims.
When I phoned the office staff, Makayla, for resolution, she rudely denied me.
When I attempted to speak with management, I was denied.
Furthermore, it ha been reported that Anita Gardner is a child predator.

This is what this corporate business does:
It hires child predators to administer fillers and other pricey procedures in a horribly unskilled manner which botches the faces and bodies of clients.
Then this lousy business denies any and all resolution and even denies appeals to management.
As for the skin care products, they have been found to be EXPIRED and containing traces of arsenic.

As for all of those PHONY positive reviews on yelp, well those reviews are all FAKE.
Those phony reviews are courtesy of the Obaji staff, rest assured.

The real reviews, by the client (VICTIMS) are the only genuine reviews.

Do your research so that you will not be the next victim.

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