Woke Mob Says Sesame Street Is Racist

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21 thoughts on “Woke Mob Says Sesame Street Is Racist”

  1. Talk about brain washed the communist party spreading the hate crimes racist fascism. Who started this race BS China Joe /Obama communist party they brought in BLM and Antifa to help them . Nobody lives matter who you are . They get in every body is racist your a racist the whole world is racist according to the KKK communist party. Who going to put who in chains.

  2. An organization can have racist suits at the top that tell staff to avoid the black kids. That leaves weirdo staff because all the normal people resigned. Same with cop, DA and cia corruption in many countries.

  3. Everything is racist 🙄
    What's new! But funny show 🤣
    In my opinion those costumes suck! But also I think and thought this for a long time that the people who wear these costumes are high on something lol

  4. Man I love you guys been watching for at least 10 years I can’t wait to see y’all on your tour this year! 😎🤘🏼


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