Why Did Alleged Drunk Driver Not Pay Her Sister Back?

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Chelsea loaned her sister money to fight a DUI, but Jordan says it was a gift! Who will Judge Judy side with in this case of Sister, Sister?!


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38 thoughts on “Why Did Alleged Drunk Driver Not Pay Her Sister Back?”

  1. I think it’s hilarious that she went to Walmart in hopes of getting a matching paint kit to fix the car. Good luck with that lol

  2. Your sister is not too smart either she knows her sister’s a boozer but she still lets her use her vehicles I guess some people never learn

  3. I need to learn how to laugh like Judge Judy when someone dishes out BS.

    That chick is a piece of work. How can she treat her kind sister like that?

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    What is this world coming tov.? N O Jumping OR BARREL RACING

  5. I feel so bad for the plaintiff. She's taking care of her sister and her mother and they're totally taking advantage of her.

  6. Just cut them off, they are using you, lady. Don’t be a doormat for the rest of your life, they will steal your joy then try and make you feel guilty for having a good life.


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