Who was Avener Elma, fatal victim in Onguito’s accident?

Source: Who was Avener Elma, fatal victim in Onguito’s accident?

Found on: 2022-10-31 16:40:25

Santo Domingo. – The Haitian national deceased in the accident where the urban artist Onguito was involved, his name was Avener Elma, 25 years old, father of a sick 1-year-old girl who is now an orphan.

A resident of the Cancino Adentro sector, Avener would go out every morning to the Mercado Modelo in Capotillo to buy fresh fruit and resell it in his community.

The day of his death he intended to do the same without thinking that this would be the last time he would say goodbye to his little girl.

The fateful night, when he was run over, he was going back to his house after buying merchandise and in a reckless action by the person who was driving the Mercedes Benz jeep where the singer was going, they met Avener and died instantly from the strong blows received. .

Ketteline Saintilus is his wife of 23 years, who has stated that she has not been able to enter the marital room because everything reminds her of him.

She describes him as a very nice man who loved to play with her sick baby.

In the house of the deceased, dozens of relatives are saying goodbye to him praying with bibles in hand, but the crying is always the same regardless of the language. Among his seven brothers, half are Christian and they cry out to God to guide Avener’s soul to heaven while they make a collection to cover the expenses of the wake.

The grave was left for this Monday morning in the San Isidro cemetery in Santo Domingo Este.

Avener’s older brother, Alfredo Elma, implores the authorities to thoroughly investigate the case so that justice is done “because it was not a dog that they killed. My brother was a good man and now he leaves an orphaned girl and a wife alone, we want justice”.


An audio is circulating on social networks in which it is supposedly heard Elvis Manuel Santos Alcantarabetter known as Onguito Waadmit their responsibility in the traffic accident that occurred last Saturday the 28th at dawn on Av. Duarte with Nicolás de Ovando.

“I spent too much ‘cuto’. I gave 60 to the prosecutor, to my lawyer. leave me alone What’s happening? I killed one, dead”, a voice very similar to that of the artist is heard saying.

After the accident, the urban exponent appeared before the National Police and was released because in the accident record another person appears as the person responsible for driving the vehicle.

So far, the authorities have not taken action regarding Onguito and his responsibility in the event.

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