White Uber Driver Kicks Out Racist Karen. Then This Happens

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One of Daniel’s several side hustles is driving for a rideshare app. While in Mango Park, he decides to pick up a passenger despite her extremely low rating. Immediately, Daniel realizes this was a big mistake. As soon as the woman, Melissa, enters the car she starts spouting off racist rhetoric, which bothers Daniel immensely. He calmly informs Melissa that because of her behavior, he will be cancelling her ride. This makes Melissa irate and she proceeds to insult Daniel, but despite her horrible attitude, Daniel is determined not to let her ruin his day.

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Jacob Lee Bereson
Daryl Meyer

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43 thoughts on “White Uber Driver Kicks Out Racist Karen. Then This Happens”

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  2. I'm guessing this is actually a re-enactment…….. EDIT ~ Damn, I really hope this was just a skit and didn't really happen. As if it did, this is not just mortifying… BUT this vile woman is a humiliation to all women. Hope her phone went flat and she was left to walk all the way home!!!!

  3. She is so ignorant and rude IMO. I interacted with Indians at a local store I go to as well as work with and interact with Spanish and Black and soo many other people of different backgrounds. So far they were lovely with exception of some people but I never write people off or treat them like crap cuz of race or nationality.
    Edit – for context I'm biracial with dad being black and mom being white . I care about people as humans and not if they are a certain race. I apparently don't see color.We are all one human race, we all breathe and we should show love to each other. Love goes beyond race and color. I'm always in getting to kno and learn a variety of cultures and it is awesome..

  4. Honestly I know she’s a Karen but that guy’s a real ass. She never really disrespected him and he could’ve asked her politely not to talk like that😒. He gets paid for this kind of junk most importantly🤦🏻

  5. To be fair you do want someone that speaks like you so you can get to ab to b properly like I wouldn't expect an Indian to want my help two different accents.

    After that she did start to get racist and stereotypical.

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  7. Finally, this is the first time I see the actor who played Officer Jacobs play a good guy because he's been rude, racist, and corrupt in all your previous videos! I wish he learned his lesson and played more good roles in your future videos even though he can also play a bad role! In this video, I'm glad he told off the female passenger about her racist remarks and her inappropriate behavior! Even though she wasn't happy with her three previous Uber drivers, she still should not have bad-mouthed and mocked her three previous Uber drivers. Uber drivers can kick you out of their vehicle if you say something bad or offensive about someone or a group of people. Remember, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

  8. Other than not being racist… Another lesson to learn, bring a damn powerbank. It's 2022 already, come on. Your phone ain't gonna live forever.

  9. The racist stuff will never stop until we all stop thinking and talking about it. We can actually just live our lives with all people and just be normal, talk normal and act normal. Nobody of any race is not good, but rather all races are good. If we are good people, than everything will become good all around us. Don't let the racist people make you become a racist person. Let them talk but make a choice for yourself and don't involve yourself in their agenda. Just get away from them and move on to being the best person you can be. Be a good person.

  10. I have met Racist Karen's myself.And they think they know it all but they don't.These Racist Karen's are worthless.this video shows us we should never treat anyone different.there are good people out there.

  11. 24 hours late
    1 day late lol

    Both are nearly the same

    This is why Uber driving is stressful.
    I’d rather be a normal dude or atleast
    Be me…


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