'White supremacy is poison', US President Joe Biden condemns racist…

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US President Joe Biden on Tuesday spoke on the United States’ latest burst of race-related violence where he condemned the poison of white supremacy and promised that hate will not prevail. He further called the mass shooting in buffalo a simple and straightforward terrorism.

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27 thoughts on “'White supremacy is poison', US President Joe Biden condemns racist…”

  1. White priviledge in action better than hitler. How many people you got killed joey? How about Yemen,Syria,Mexico. Doin a hellava job as a straight white supremisct. Killin people of color everywhere. The only thing missing is your white robe. How many kids did you put on transport planes in the middle of the night?

  2. That is the difference between biden and Trump. Trump will never call the killing white supremacy terrorism. Joe Biden calls it straight up.

  3. hey big crooked Joe what can you do to stop gun violence.i think u r idiot so u can’t do anything to make American is better. instead u and your family is good of corrupt.

  4. The hate crimes will continue to happen until someone in power (like a president) comes out and tells the truth about the "different human race THEORY". The fact that they won't do that and all forms of media and entertainment in this society with continue to perpetuate the old "different human race THEORY" tells you everything you need to know about this culture. Racism in this culture could literally be ended with one educational speech and supporting evidence.

  5. I am not talk against anyone but god create earth that mean every human colour matter is nature processing….. Naturally create system can't destroy….. Every human life important in world….

  6. Besides using executive orders to help select groups of ppl based on skin color, (racism), how has anything thats come out of this admin. Mouth helped anyone?

  7. Funny that for such a widespread problem, when the DHS secretary was asked what cases have been referred to the fbi by Senator Howley, he couldn't come up with any. The only race problems we've ever had here has always come from the left.

  8. He didn't say anything when that colored man drove through a parade last year. And I don't blame anyone besides the driver of that atrocity why would I? We don't need to
    let these criminals divide us perpetually stirring the pot. We need to set our political differences aside and come together and remove all these criminals both sides!

  9. Useless network, never mentioned the black sun symbol worn by the shooter just like Ukrainian soldiers.

  10. Condemn the crime. Condemn the criminal. Unfortunately, the shooter conducted this crime in this place because he expected zero opposition. With honest New Yorkers restricted from possession of a firearm, the odds were in his favor. This is so sad, but could have been avoided.

  11. So what happened in Wisconsin or New York ????? Why didn't he show up there and give a speech ?? Oh I forgot – wrong color and which doesn't fit the Dem's program / agenda.

  12. All the while Us bydon is. Backing Azov natzi in Ukraine true fact Russia will win special operations in Ukraine


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