When a Racist comes to the Studio

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I miss the years, where the whites were feared,
They would see a sheet and pull a Paul revere

tie em to a truck and hit high gear,
Left a trail of blood and black-ity tears

miss the days we didn’t have gays, and white power were the things we praised

I thought civil right was gonna be a phase, but they get freeer and freer and idk what to say

I wanna segregate from these nappy hoes,
Split light and dark like washing clothes

Exile Mexicans and the chingy chongs, take your Cov1d back to Hong Kong

I miss Ronald Reagan and Donald trump,
without pure whites America’s a dump

Take the trannTies and greedy Jews,
I won’t live with none of y’all I refuse.

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24 thoughts on “When a Racist comes to the Studio”

  1. Lyrics in Description , YouTube keeps deleting the comment because it has certain words in it 🙄🙄 Anyways Love All ❤️!

  2. We all know there's an old racist white guy sitting on his recliner listening to this song with a tear rolling down his face.

  3. Hahahahhahahhahahha I love it!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome and fk those who can't take a joke.


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