What happened after my accident?

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After training like Tony Hawk for 7 days I got into a terrible accident. This is how I became disabled.
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In this video I trained like Tony Hawk for 7 days to learn how to skateboard. I used Tony Hawk’s Masterclass to learn how I can do an ollie. I have no previous experience with skateboarding so this was incredibly hard. I was seeing incredible progress until it all came crashing down.

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39 thoughts on “What happened after my accident?”

  1. Thank you for all the kind comments and support!! Warms my heart.
    Come add me on Instagram so I can keep you in the loop on my recovery!! ▸ https://instagram.com/hafugo

  2. When I was 6 there used to be something called "Fun Friday :)" and I was playing with my friends because they allowed us to play. So I was playing and I was running up a slide and all I remember is that I slipped and fell really badly and I close my eyes because it was like a 5 feet fall and when I fell, I landed on my right arm. Now once I opened my eyes I saw that my hand looked out of place but I couldn't move it at all so I couldn't see it well. I went to a teacher and when she saw she screamed so loud, then she called our co-ordinator and my co-ordinator called my mother. My mother came and my co-ordinator was so kind. Now my mother didn't know a hospital number so my co-ordinator kept me in her back seat and my mother was with me, we reached and my co-ordinator left after helping me get on a like bed. My mother called my father and he took a half day from work and came to the hospital. They basically you know did everything to add to plaster on my hand I got home and I kinda got a school break for 3-4 months so no school 🙂 and everybody treated me good so that's one good this about it. Anyways that's my story.

  3. bruh i litterally broke my wrist on a skateboard like 1 month before this video. everyone thinks u just start screaming and crying but u really just kinda stare into emptyness from the shock. All ur thinking is how ur next 3 months is gonna be. i actually had to wait in line even though my wrist area was 2 inches away from the right spot. they didnt even move my wrist. they just put me in a sugartonge split (i think thats what its called.). Then 4 days later i had my sugery.

  4. This also kind of happend to me as I got knee surgery and it is nice to see that I am not alone in my recovery

  5. Thank god you’re ok hafu pls don’t do this again pls I dont wanna see this again pls don’t get hurt again

  6. Stay strong king. Dont force your leg and try to take care of it as much as possible. I have broken both my hands (not at the same time) and i rushed the healing a lot and they never healed properly and now i have wrist pain from time to time. So yeah. Dont push yourself too much. I am sure it will heal and you will be back on your feet soon enough. 💪

  7. He really laughs and acts like it doesn't hurt he stayed strong it's like their was no pain he is a super human

  8. When i broke my arm, it was like this. Your in such shock you just think. Holy Shit, i broke my leg. Good luck man.

  9. I remember the day I broke both my arms… on Christmas… on vacation. Worst day ever, couldn't even wipe my own butt, couldn't feed myself, couldn't even take a shower by myself. I get your pain, Hafu 🙂

  10. I’ve sprained both my ankles and I know the pain it like never goes away and u can’t do nothing about it

  11. Use the meditation techniques taught by the monk to stay calm. Bravo though, hafu! Wish you a speedy recovery

  12. 3 years ago i fell from a tree and i broke my wrist, it literally twisted and it looked like the letter Z, the worst feeling in my life

  13. If you think you're going to start skateboarding in your 20s, you're going to get injured. Skateboarding is something that you have to start when you're 12 and made of rubber still.

  14. AAAH PLEASE TAKE CARE! Don't let your feet get purple or anything 😰 Wishing you a full and speedy recovery and all the mental strength you need! Glad to hear that it's going to be okay

  15. I suffered 5 months of knee inflammation just because of overuse and training and i was so sad and depressed. I literally couldn't walk and had to leave my job. I'm still suffering a bit till now although it's improved but still needs time. I can't even imagine the pain you're going through. Take care of your health. Don't do dangerous stuff just for your viewers because no one can get your health back. That's what I learnt after training excessively karate kyokushin and judo just to win in tournaments and be strong. Screw that! My health is way important than a stupid medal.


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