We Stopped A Drunk Driver On The Highway – UNFILTERED #128

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32 thoughts on “We Stopped A Drunk Driver On The Highway – UNFILTERED #128”

  1. Listening to this after the nurse killed a whole family 😔 wish people would have actually done something to prevent a horrible death. Y’all should have turned the girl in.

  2. Those bugs on the phones are actually an apple scheme, you know all those updates, they are done on purpose to get people to buy new phones, although the old ones work fine. So stop updating! (especially older versions). – turn off automatic update.

  3. My doctor tried to hire a hit man for her husband and git caught bc she hired an undercover FBI agent…she also tried to kill him before that too…look up Dr. Russell Louisville Kentucky and theres a bunch of articles

  4. Yall talked about that drunk driver like you guys did something lol You just let her go no arrest nothing! Didn't stop shit! She was already home!

  5. Same thing happened to my phone and I lost EVERYTHING, all my photos and notes I made over the last 3 years all because I ran out of storage and so couldn't do the updates on my phone. And I couldn't even retrieve the photos that were saved to the icloud cuz I my password was saved to my phone and not written down. I was literally so upset and I still am abecuase I take pictures to remember important things in my life and lost every new born baby photo of my baby brother and I was so mad

  6. My phone does the same thing ALL THE TIME! what I do is when the apple logo goes away I hold down the power button and completely shut it off myself for an hour then turn it back on. For this works 90% of the time you should try it

  7. I love this podcast but the more I listen to it I get so annoyed of Zane. He is so stupid that it makes me cringe. The epitome of fake it til you make it 😂

  8. so there is a bit more to the story of the guy landing the plane. there were probably 3-4 people on the plane. the pilot told the passengers he didn’t feel good and quickly became unresponsive. they picked him up and laid him on the floor. the guy who took over the plane had been in the cockpit many times before on these small planes so he had a very basic idea of what to do. they were nosediving and he knew how to correct that. he went to put on the headset but the wire was frayed. the other passenger went to find him headphones and once he got that working he spoke to air traffic control and told the guy his pilot was unresponsive and he didn’t know how to fly a plane and would need help. the air traffic controller was also a flight instructor so luckily he was able to instruct him on what to do. a pilot flying an american airlines plane heard this conversation going on and radioed in to air traffic control and was told a passenger landed the plane and the pilot was shocked and said oh my god great job. luckily the pilot who became unresponsive was immediately taken in an ambulance and is okay now. he had an aortic dissection and it was very lucky for him that not only were they close to florida at the time he passed out but also that a passenger was able to calmly take over the plane and get them on the ground. the passenger who landed the plane was able to meet the air traffic controller who guided him and thanked him for getting him home safely to his pregnant wife. truly both of these guys are incredible

  9. There's a show on Hulu about a group of men going into a cave, and one of the guys almost dies because he's trying to get through this very narrow opening, and he slips so his foot gets stuck all the while ice water is just pouring down the cave, trapping them. It's terrifying.

  10. That happened to my phone too and I had to reset it, so now I back up my phone like once a week to my computer and then back up my computer to my hard drive. I'm prepared if my phone decides to bug out again lmao.

  11. A drunk driver killed my best friend I have no tolerance for drunks. Thank u all sm! I’m glad y’all are ok. But I kinda think she should’ve gone to jail cuz chances are she’ll do it again

  12. Everyone on that plane should be paying that men by my house first if you if you want fun and then paying his monthly fees for the rest of their goddamn lives cuz they owe their rest of their lives to that man. Lol nooo?

  13. as an IT I had to stop and comment about Heath's phone problem. The thing I recommend to people is to backup on a laptop (never icloud in his position bc it can easily be hacked) and to always buy the phone with the most amount of storage.

  14. Your can plug in your android and android has sd card not just internal memory Samsung transfers everything you dont put on your sd card and 5g is the first time i was forced to update my phone

  15. How? I was just on a cruise ship and it was like being in a skyscraper on water like how? They said only 30 ft of it was in the water that’s 10% of its size

  16. how are y’all having so many problems with an iphone? i get that you all are influencers but i’ve had an iphone six since it came out


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