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Sean Kimble Male | Aurora, CO   WATCH OUT LADIES
Posted By: DeniseRayUser Verified
Relationship Type: Straight
Victim’s Gender: Female
How / Where Cheater Met Victim: In Person – Other
6/27/12 1:26 PM
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Sean and I had been on and off for three years, I really hope that him seeing how much I have always been there for him he would pull himself together. Not only has he been caught cheating on me he has taken money from myself and my children that he said he was using for an apartment, but used to help some girl move in with him on my money. This guy does not care who he hurts and how bad it effects the children, he is out for him and him only. please do not end up like me with this guy, he is a very good sweet talker and will treat you as a rug and leave.

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Name: Sean Kimble Age: 37 Sexual Preference: Straight Country: Location: Aurora, CO Gender: Male Zodiac Sign: N/A Maiden Name: N/A Relationship Status: In a relationship Profession: Other Education level: High school University: N/A Found Cheating On: Other Ethnicity: Black or African American Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Height: 6 ft 5 in Weight: 250 Tattoos: Yes


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