Vince Gill Shares Troubling Details About His Wife Amy Grant’s Accident

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Vince Gill recently shared more details surrounding his wife, Amy Grant, and her fall from her bicycle that hospitalized her on July 27th of this year. Vince Gill provided the scary update during his residency at The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee earlier this month.


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31 thoughts on “Vince Gill Shares Troubling Details About His Wife Amy Grant’s Accident”

  1. God bless your healing and recovery, Amy.
    Take your time getting back to performing.

    Much love

  2. We must pray she repent of her progressive beliefs, sometimes we need a knock of the head from God to know truth, praying for recovery spiritual and physical

  3. Thank God she was wearing a helmet. I know some bicycle falls can be super dangerous. Hopefully she continues on the mend with no lingering difficulties. She’s such a great person. They’re a phenomenal couple.

  4. I fell in love with this beautiful soul in 1981 ( I think), the first time I heard her sing El Shaddai! Wishing her a complete recovery and sending many prayers her way!!!🙏

  5. Prayers for Amy’s complete recovery!! Love Vince Gill and Amy’s music! God bless…🙏🏻💐💕🤗🎶🙌🏻✝️🥰❤️❤️‍🩹

  6. Amy, we love you and just want you to heal and get well. Our daughter loved you. She went to her heavenly home in March 2019…. Amy, you sang to her , her request, when I would ask her. "What song would you like to hear" who do you want me to put on next. Your name would come up so often and alot of your older gospel songs you sang back in the day when she was a teenager or early 20s. God bless you and keep you.

  7. I'd lost a cousin in a bicycle accident in June of 1983 and no he wasn't wearing a helmet at the time. He was 8 years old. It's so very important to wear a helmet when riding your bicycle and thank God Amy was wearing hers. Get well soon Amy!!! ❤🙏🏻

  8. I pray that Amy is comfortable and recovering well at home. I feel sure the peace of her spirituality surrounds and uplifts her, along with the love of her dear family. May God bless you, Amy, with a complete recovery!

  9. All channels I've checked on don't have anyone involved actually speak. Just announcers,seems Sus to feel sorry for an entertainer again, Hollywood and Nashville are desperate.

  10. 👇Yeah, we all agree with Cindy 100%…we definitly prefer (DEMAND, if neccessary) that Mrs. Gill NOT go out on tour, but rather- stay home & fully recover…physically & otherwise. //We thank you Lord, for your sovereign hand over Amy & Vince…our siblings in your precious name ,JESUS!


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