Video shows how a violent crash occurred in which they died…

Source: Video shows how a violent crash occurred in which they died…

Found on: 2023-01-11 22:23:00

The video from a security camera, located in a commercial premises in the capital, shows the exact moment in which a motorcyclist collides with a patrol of the Public Force, an accident that left a police officer and a motorcyclist dead as a result.

The fatal accident occurred this Wednesday, at around 3:10 pm, in the Merced district, in downtown San José.

The images show how the police vehicle and the motorcycle go at full speed and collide at an intersection, where there was a traffic light. The spectacular crash caused the patrol car to overturn.

The Ministry of Public Security confirmed the death of the officer who was identified as Yerlin Valverde Castillo and, through its press office, indicated the following:

“We inform you of the death of a Public Force officer. The event occurred as a result of a traffic incident between a police unit, in which the agent was traveling, and a private motorcycle, this in the Merced district, in the province of San José. We are sorry for the loss and will be sending you more information as soon as details are provided.”

Apparently, one of the vehicles involved missed a traffic signal.

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