Vicente Jara: rebirth after an almost fatal bike accident

Source: Vicente Jara: rebirth after an almost fatal bike accident

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Eight hours of operation with three surgeons, the rapid medical intervention, the recovery in the hospital and, also, the sport, have saved lifein that chronological and priority order, to Vicente Jara, a Murcian who has lived in Valencia since he was 18. He is now 50 and has been reborn after a driver hit him at a crossroads while he was training with his triathlon bike near Vilamarxant.

It’s a story of a survivor, sports and self-improvement. A little over a year ago Vicente had the accident and just a few weeks ago he returned to compete in the Valencia European Paracycling. Accustomed to leading an almost daily life as an athlete, now returning to competition “has been a very valuable experience,” he says.

Vicente with Ricardo Ten

Vicente is a Telecommunications Engineer, dedicated to managing the information systems of an automobile group and also works as a university professor at a private center in Valencia. The accident put an end to it all. He combined it with daily sports activity: «I did Ironman. I have qualified for world and European championships. I’ve been doing sports for a lifetime, especially athletics and triathlon.”

He acknowledges that his goal is to do triathlon again and “the first thing is to do handbike with the club Unlimited Wheels«. Vicente has already participated in the Spanish Cup and the European Cup at the moment as an adapted cyclist. And now he also continues to progress in the first adapted cycling school in the Valencian Community directed by Ruth Aguilar.

A training that changed his life

Vicente admits that he has no problem remembering what happened that fateful day. Although, on the other hand, he also explains that “I hardly remember anything.” He did look later in the GPS application for where he went and the place of the accident. Vicente lives in an urbanization near the Cheste circuit. He went out to train alone to prepare the Vitoria Ironman with the aim of winning in its category. He had already participated in that same Ironman up to eight times.

«I ended up with 12 broken ribs, 7 or 8 vertebrae, the right scapula, a pulmonary effusion»

This is how he tells it: «I was on a straight road with good visibility and a good hard shoulder. The girl, I understand that she was clueless, hit me when she was going to turn left. I told it by miracle. I ended up with 12 broken ribs, 7 or 8 vertebrae, my right scapula, a pulmonary effusion. I hit myself hard and they doubted whether to operate or not in case I did not pass the operation«. The route that was later marked by the application does indicate that he left Cheste and arrived at Casinos, passed through the port of Alcublas and on his way home towards Cheste and at the Vilamarxant exit, there he went.

“I only have sensitivity from the sternum up. I have 2/3 of the body without sensitivity. I have hands by millimeters…”

After the operation in Faith Hospital Other serious complications followed later. He was there for three months and Vicente suffered a severe pulmonary embolism, pneumonia, sepsis and “several complications that were once again on the verge of making me go to a better life.” A true survivor. Vicente suffers a “serious spinal cord injury”. And he details: «I only have sensitivity from the sternum upwards. I have 2/3 of the body without sensitivity. I have hands by millimeters…».

Vicente Jara came forward with courage, self-improvement and the desire to recover and return to training. After spending three months in La Fe, he obtained a place at the National Hospital for Paraplegics in Toledo, «one of the best in Europe for sports initiation. Many Paralympic athletes have come from there. There the Murcian athlete trained six hours a day that was added to the rehabilitation session.

Sport as a mental lifesaver

And sport, once again, acts as a physical and, above all, mental lifesaver: «If I used to do sport for pleasure, now it is almost a mandate. With the physical limitations we have If we don’t do sports, life becomes very complicated. The best rehabilitation is from sport. Now sport is a lifesaver. Training is much healthier than thinking that you have become a paraplegic.

«Training is much healthier than thinking that you have become a paraplegic»

In fact, since May Vicente is one more in the new adapted cycling school mentioned above. «They are doing a great role in the reintegration of many people in the sport. It is even thought within the club to start doing other disciplines », he comments. Vicente’s triathlon club, the 365 Rider, «They have turned to me from the beginning. Anyone accompanies me to come with me », he explains gratefully.

Together with his coach, Marcos Greus

And he reflects on it from another perspective: «The clubs that support people like us with disabilities are lucky for many people who do not have our problems, because they see the reality of life when they see us. A) Yes, many times they will think that what is happening to them is not so serious».

Putting this sentence as a context, Vicente explains: «It takes me more than twice the time to do things. Going to the bathroom used to be a minute and now it’s 20.” The Murcian paratriathlete has retired for having “serious disability” with a degree of disability of 81%. Despite this, I assure you that he hopes to return to work. “I really liked my job. Although as a manager I had long meetings and it is very difficult to return to that type of work. When I gain more strength and autonomy I want to go back to work. Without a doubt, with the physical and mental progress you are making, you will succeed.

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