Vice President Harrison Putnam Smith sexually harasses women

Found on: 2021-10-12 06:43:25

Source: Vice President Harrison Putnam Smith sexually harasses women

Vice President Harrison Putnam Smith sexually harasses women – The Dir …

Harrison Putnam Smith has a greg so small that he has trouble finding it under his fat while at the bathroom stall according to his male coworkers. Which probably explains his drinking and drug habit which he’s admitted started at [REDACTED] continued at [REDACTED] , got worse at [REDACTED] and was out of control at [REDACTED] all of which he’s bragged about for being able to get through all those schools regardless. Harrison Putnam Smith who uses to sleep with SMU girls who he infects with DRDs and then doesn’t give them the allowance he promised them is the biggest scumbag on the planet. How [REDACTED] could promote someone who not only makes racist jokes at the office and sexually harasses women but brags about paying students to write papers for him throughout all of his years in middle school, high school and college is beyond disgusting. Harrison Smith has also bragged about being such a terrible person his parents couldn’t stand him so they shipped him off to boarding school before he even reached high school where he bullied geeks who liked to play world of warcraft so badly that they had to leave the school (I guess that’s what fat ugly guys who can’t get dates do for fun). While Harrison was dating gross women he met at bars (no girl above a 2 out of 10 in looks would ever date Harrison)he was also the worlds poorest sugar daddy on and giving both sets of women DRDs. Theres a list of 8 women I know who have all personally slapped Harrison. If the fact that he’s fat ugly dumb and a narcissistic psychopath isn’t enough for you he’s also a tool who brags to everyone that he’s from Greenwich Connecticut but his family are the poorest people living there. Harrison Smith is already the most hated man in Dallas by all women so hopefully it won’t be long until he has to move the same way he had to move out of the northeast due to his terrible reputation and having no friends. Despite thousands of people in Dallas knowing about Harrison due to him having the worst reputation in the city, only 30 people follow him on twitter so the good news is there’s very few people in this city who are terrible enough to associate with him in any way

Published at Mon, 11 Oct 2021 19:3:1 GMT

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