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I saw two charges for $23.95 made about two weeks apart on my checking account. I looked up the company through my ATM card and saw that they did real estate reports. I went to their website. Contacted customer service via chat. They sent me my login info (with my correct email but with a password I would have never generated I looked up the company (“pvtagent25”). How did they know it was really me?

I instructed them to stop all charges. They agreed. I went to and saw that I’m not alone with this. Same story over and over. I also saw that they operate under a different name—like three others. SCAM!!! I saw the rebuttal from “Andy” to one complainant in which he (Andy) agreed to refund all the charges.

I wrote Andy, too and demanded my money back. I copied him on the fake apology letter and pledge to return the fraudulent charges. I suggest any other victims do the same. I’m filing reports with the FCC and the FBI Scam portals for wire fraud.

These law enforcement agencies are busting people for a little weed, but they act like they can do nothing in wire fraud cases. Banks won’t do sh*t, either, if it’s on your debit card. My son got ripped off for $3000 this summer.

I was scammed for $400, and now $57.00 by these bums. Their deal is they act like “Wow, somebody  musta used your credit  card,” but the reality is that they have multiple names and addresses to evade detection. That was the dead-to-rights giveaway of the scam.

Please keep reporting these types of scammers to the FCC and FBI. This is a multibillion-dollar rip-off scheme.

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