Users of the A-52 warn of the risk due to its poor condition and ask…

Source: Users of the A-52 warn of the risk due to its poor condition and ask…

Found on: 2023-01-13 23:04:52

The situation in which the Autovía das Rías Baixas to A Cañiza finds itself with kilometers without protection barriers, with speed bumps, potholes or deteriorated asphalt not only makes it difficult for thousands of drivers to circulate, but also increases the risk of an accident. Ramón Alonso, president of Asetranspo, (Association of Entrepreneurs of Discretionary Goods Transport of Pontevedra), indicated that it is not only the A-52 that is in poor condition, “they are all bad, there is not a good one. Yesterday there was another deceased in Cerdedo-Cotobade and this is beginning to be repeated a lot. He assured that the drivers have transmitted to him the multiple incidents and the problems of driving on the highway, “some have had problems with door openings, even a drop of cargo because the road does not have the ideal conditions.” Thus, he criticized the little or no maintenance of the road without “a complete overhaul for 20 years, when normally it should be done every six or seven”, with only “patches to avoid serious accidents because it is only money, the amount is not invested it should”. The heavy rains since the end of the year mean that “the roads suffer a lot, also with the frost, so in spring it will be when it is in the worst conditions”.

Of the multiple registered accidents, the emergency services attest. Sources from the Ponteareas Fire Brigade assured that since the summer they have had to intervene on multiple occasions on the highway due to accidents of various kinds that were mainly concentrated in a section of one kilometer prior to the point where the collision occurred a week ago. a lawyer from Vigo lost his life and three other people, including his wife and daughter, were injured. It coincides with a part of the route between O Porriño and A Cañiza, where the cones have been for months, with a lane cut off due to the poor condition of the asphalt. The Mos GES, which only intervenes until the confluence of the A-55 with the A-52, at the beginning next to Porriño, also confirms numerous incidents up to that point, after a few months with heavy rain and fog banks.

The BNG demands proper maintenance

The BNG deputy in Congress, Néstor Rego, registered urgent initiatives due to the “lack of maintenance” on the A-52, especially between Vigo and A Cañiza. Thus, the nationalist front demanded a “specific calendar” for the intervention of the State Government, as it is a state-owned infrastructure, on this road to repair the pavement, dividing walls and signaling, as well as “correct the main deficiencies detected”. The BNG recalled the “tragic” accident last weekend, which “showed the state of abandonment of this communication channel by the Government”, for which the BNG understands that the Ministry of Transport “must act immediately before the numerous deficiencies that the road presents” and asked to know the reasons for the delay for which the maintenance service took 15 days to place a provisional reinforcement”.

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