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Homeowner’s insurance exists for a reason. When something goes wrong in your home, insurance should step in and cover the bulk of the repair costs. You pay monthly premiums for coverage and peace of mind, but what happens when the company you’ve been paying doesn’t fulfill their side of the agreement?

According to multiple USAA reviews left on PissedConsumer, this is exactly what has happened for several frustrated customers. More than 1700 USAA reviews have been left on, and only 15 of those reviews have ever been marked as resolved.

Customers leaving online reviews are frustrated and trying to find solutions to issues that often have them displaced from their homes and dealing with tens of thousands of dollars in debt. They want solutions from USAA customer service, and many of them feel like they aren’t being helped.

What does USAA home insurance cover?

In her USAA complaints, one homeowner explained how complicated her insurance coverage has become after catastrophic damage. In her USAA reviews (#2025048), Brandi explains how she called to report severe roof damage to her home following a series of storms.

When she called the USAA customer service number, she was connected with a representative from the auto claims department who was in training. According to her USAA complaints, the representative “…was not licensed and did not get her License until End of July 2018 nearly 5 months after she took our claim.” The USAA customer service representative filed their storm damage under an auto claim number, which created a series of problems for the homeowners.

In her video review, Brandi explains that her family had USAA home insurance and that the damaged roof was repaired relatively quickly. The issues with USAA customer service stemmed from the amounts allowed on her claim and the types of claims that were included with her claim number.

How to resolve your issue with USAA?

Despite having a new roof, the company did not pay the roofing company for more than two years, and as per Brandi’s review, the USAA home insurance should have been paid out within fifteen days after completion. In order to resolve the issue, the homeowner had to contact USAA regularly to speak with representatives about issues with her claim.

Among the issues with her USAA insurance quote, Brandi realized that there were limits to what was covered in almost every area: on repairs, on the types of services provided, and on refunds for being displaced.

There were false reports found in the claims of mold and other issues that created additional problems including the loss of their personal items.

Additionally, in her USAA reviews, Brandi explains how her claim had the personal information from other subscribers included, had the wrong information included, and how that wrong information – such as dry rot from another USAA member mistakenly included in her claim – led to limits on how her own home repairs.

Brandi’s claim is not the only one alerting communication and resolving issues with USAA customer service. Another consumer had a pipe break in her home and has been dealing with frustrating issues with USAA home insurance claims ever since. Tracy, the homeowner from Texas, typed up her USAA complaints through and explained that a pipe broke in her home and caused significant water damage.

When Tracy called the USAA phone number, she initially found help from customer service, but when problems appeared, she’s found the company less responsive. When calling the USAA phone number now, after the damage has been addressed, Tracy says “…USAA is trying to ignore us here” despite being customers for forty-five years.

In a video review when asked for more details, the homeowner explains that she feels she is the victim of theft at the hands of USAA-approved contractors. According to the USAA reviews, “They allowed Paul Davis of Nixa Mo.(their restoration company) to police themselves and help themselves to our household items.”

Additionally, the homeowner’s USAA home warranty services included packing up their items and moving them out of the household during repairs. When the items were moved back into their home, the couple found “…our boxes that USAA’s people packed and were then delivered back into our home filled with Chipmunks and snakes which we killed.” Despite multiple attempts to contact USAA, the couple has not seen an adjuster from the company or the payment they have hoped to resolve.

How to contact USAA customer service?

USAA has many departments as it serves as a bank and insurance company for its members. To contact the USAA homeowner’s insurance department, the company posts several options. The main USAA phone number is posted on the Contact Us page as 1-800-531-8722 or 210-531-8722.

Calling the USAA home insurance phone number is one option, but you also have the option to manage your policy through the company’s website or through the mobile app. Additionally, you can visit the USAA Claims Center with questions or concerns, and you have the option to fax items to the company at 800-531-8669.

Finally, there is a USAA virtual agent linked to a chat feature on the home of the Contact Us page. This may help find answers and narrow down specifics before connecting you with other representatives from the company.

USAA reviews on PissedConsumer

Of the USAA complaints on Pissed Consumer, some are frustrated by auto insurance claims. Others are fed up with issues with the banking side of the business. Still, some have questions and concerns about simply logging into the accounts and very long wait times for customer service.

Unfortunately, while USAA may be helpful for some, other customers like Brandi and Tracy have not found any resolution to their issues with the company. Tracy’s review explains that she is tired of being “…screwed, glued, and tattooed…” by the company that refuses to come out to their home to resolve any of the damage or theft claims. The couple was told to buy replacement items for the items missing and damaged but was told later they weren’t paying for any of the replacement items.

Brandi’s issue is unresolved as well. Despite two years of ongoing issues, her family is still not back in their home and the repairs are not completed. She warns others to anticipate having to fight with the company on repairs and to document every interaction with screenshots when possible because messages and text from claims can be deleted.

Tips for buying home insurance

You want to spend your money on home insurance that will protect you and the worst things that may happen in your home. As you are choosing home insurance, keep a few tips in mind.

Check what others are saying.

Homeowners insurance is primarily a financial service. Before you sign up, check to see what other customers are saying about the company online. Read reviews. Check for responses from the company. Look for satisfied customers and those who wound up with issues and make your own judgment call.

Don’t shop by price.

Homeowner’s insurance isn’t cheap, but this isn’t a service you want to skimp on. When you’re shopping for homeowner’s insurance, be sure to look at a variety of companies to find the best rates for the best service. Often the cheapest option for home insurance comes with unsatisfactory service issues or limits on claims. Buy based on service and quality, not price.

Check for natural disasters.

One policy doesn’t cover everything in some areas. Some natural disasters like rising floodwaters or wind and hail are not covered in a typical homeowner’s insurance policy, and this can vary by location. Check to see what is covered and what is not, and factor in the cost of supplemental insurance if you need it to stay safe in your area.

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