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I worked for Matt and Rhonda Aylward at US Marketing Source for several months as a call center rep. My job consisted of cold-calling consumers in Louisianna, Georgia, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky, and Colorado. We were on a dialer software that automatically called prospective clients for a free “All State & Farmers Insurance quote” via live transfer to a local agent.

After a few weeks of working for this company, you will start to learn several things from what you hear, see, and read online. I must say, i’ve been in the workforce for many years now, and I’ve never felt like I was apart of a scam company. Until I started working for US Marketing Source of Edwardsville, IL.

The owner Matt Aylward, his Mom Rhonda, and His wife Whitney make up the management of this poorly run company. Matter of fact, knowing what I know now, I consider it to be nothing more than a pyramid scheme! A scam company tightly managed by family members!

US Marketing Source has their “salesmen to sell leads” to unsuspecting insurance agents and then pay “work from home reps” to “cold call these leads” and then “live transfer the prospective customer to an insurance agent for a quote.”

These leads are no good! I’ve seen and heard of All State and Farmers agents who never even recieved the leads they bought, nor did they recieve their money back. US Marketing just took their money and ran. This can be verified by checking out their reviews on Google, Yelp, BBB and Indeed. 

Matt the owner is very abusive, belitteling and narcisistic! He has no integrity and does not care about the agents or his employees! It’s ALL about him and the almighty dollar! Believe that!! He’s also a compulsive liar! That’s no exaggeration!

The turnover rate at US Marketing Source is out of bounds! Rediculous amount of people come and go. Most work a few days and quit because of the lack of traning, abuse and poor management. You will never recieve a pay stub, and you will be paid approx. 32-33 hours per 5 day work week. You’re working 40 hours minus 30 minutes per day for lunch, but your check will only be for 33 hours at most per week. Their dialer system is designed to maximimize their profits, and minimize your paycheck.

You will never be considered an employee of US Marketing Source. You’re a 1099 contractor. No W/2. You will never be backgrounded checked either. That’s scary for these poor consumers looking for a free insurance quote, and having no telling who listening on mute while the insurance agent gives the quote.

Address. Driver’s License Number. Birth Date… Etc! US Marketing Source started in 2018. That’s when they were forced to close “Prestige Marketing.” This was the former company (Prestige Marketing) they had to close due to bankruptcy and negative reviews.

Dear Insurance Agent – Steer Clear! This is a scam company, and you’re putting consumers at risk!

Dear Prospective Employee – Beware! This is a pyramid Scheme that will not end good for you. You will be lied to, abused, belittled, under payed and eventually fired. That’s how it is with US Marketing Source!


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