Unknowns fatal private jet accident Jerez Karl P. Griesemann

Source: Unknowns fatal private jet accident Jerez Karl P. Griesemann

Found on: 2022-09-09 03:35:00

Last Sunday, September 4, a private plane from Jerez airport and bound for Cologne (Germany) crashed in the Baltic Sea. The ship suffered from pressurization problems and was escorted by NATO, German and Danish fighters, to no avail. Traveling on the jet was Karl P. Griesemann, a German businessman who owns Quick Air, along with his family. Four days after hearing the fatal news, remains have been found in the middle of the sea.

Last Monday, September 4, a private jet, owned by the Griesemann family, was taking off from Jerez airport bound for Cologne (Germany). But Germany was not the plane’s final destination. A pressure failure in the cabin caused it to crash into the Baltic Sea off the coast of Latvia.

Today, four days after the accident, the Latvian Navy has found human remainswhich probably and according to the German newspaper Bild, could be from the plane that crashed on Monday, a Cessna 551 with flight number OE-FGR and registered in Austria. They are still under investigation.

Possible cause of the fall

According to several media outlets, there was only a pilot: Karl P. Griesemann. However, aviation experts have stated that such a jet requires a Air Operator Certificate which implies the presence of at least two pilots on board.

As reported by elcierredigital.com, at the time of the accident the plane flew close to 3,500 kilometers without radio some. After hearing the news of the accident, ‘Flightradar’a flight tracker, points out that the plane made up to two turns in Paris Y Cologne before crashing. Shortly after, she lost speed until she disappeared in the middle of the sea. It is estimated that she fell to 8,000 feet per minute.

“After crossing Spain and France without attending the radioThey left fighters military and the procedure followed in these situations may be drop over the seaand that this is the reason for the sharp drop when falling, ”explain aviation experts who do not deny the possibility that it was shot down in flight.

Wrecked plane in the Baltic Sea

Karl Peter Griesmann owned the company QuickAir. For many years, the tycoon had owned a chalet in the Cadiz coastnear Zahara of the Tuna (Rate), where he spent the summer with his family.

According to sources from the municipality of Cádiz, the family used to enjoy the coast three or four times a year. He usually took a plane trip from the Jerez airport until the Cologne airport in a private jet. On his return from vacation, on September 4, his plane crashed in the Baltic Sea after leaving the Jerez airport (Cádiz), ending the life of the businessman and his family.

His aeronautical company, founded in 1992 and specialized in private flights, QuickAiris based in Cologne, Germany and it has 11 ambulance planeswhich are used as flying intensive care units. Karl was the owner of this company air taxis and medicalized planes And he knew how to fly.

Aside from being a well-known businessman in his country, Karl was also a regular at the cologne carnival, a popular and interesting festival in Germany. That is why Christoph Kuckerlkornpresident of Cologne Carnival Festival Committee, wanted to convey his condolences on the businessman’s death: “I am stunned by the sudden death of Peter Griesemann, his wife and daughter. My deepest condolences to the family. Peter has moved around the city a lot over the decades, both as a businessman and as a carnival participant. The carnival and me, personally, we have lost in him a valuable adviser and a faithful friend”

The accident occurred last Sunday, while Karl-Peter Griesemann, 72, was piloting the ship. They were also on the plane his wife Julianne68 years old, his daughter Lisaof 26, and the boyfriend of this, 27 years old. Together with the family, the pets also traveled, two dogs.

flight image

flight path

planes of the NATO they escorted the plane until it reached France. At that moment, two French fighters they continued with the escort, but without any success in their attempt to communicate with the ship. The military pilots explained that they did not see anyone in the cockpit, which may mean that they were unconscious or even deceased. As the landing was planned in Cologne, German and Danish fighters They went to the escort of the plane and reaffirmed that they did not see anyone in the cabin either.

Once arrived at Baltic Sealost altitude at great speed and crashed off the coast of Latvia, according to air navigation websites, where you can follow the trajectory of the plane from its takeoff to the fall in the sea.

The German air forces, around 8:00 p.m., officially communicated the following: “Unfortunately, we have to confirm that in the early afternoon a small plane from Spain crossed German airspace and crashed into the Baltic Sea off Latvia.

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