Two young people from Tarragona die in a traffic accident

Source: Two young people from Tarragona die in a traffic accident

Found on: 2022-09-21 18:04:43

A collision between a truck and a car on the afternoon of this Tuesday, September 20, resulted in the death of two people and a third very seriously in the ICU.

One of the victims has revealed his identity because he was a player on the Nàstic futsal team, as well as a coach. This is Pau López Gual, a 26-year-old who was on vacation with his partner, the person admitted to the ICU, and a third young woman, 18, who is the second fatality in this collision in the AP -two. According to information published in the Zaragoza media, the three are residents of Tarragona.

Fire sources of the Zaragoza Provincial Council, the accident was recorded at kilometer 39.5 of this old highway, in a section under construction located within the municipality of Pina de Ebro.

The fatal accident occurred as a result of a collision between a truck and the car in which the three people from Tarragona were traveling, as confirmed by the Fire Department of the Zaragoza Provincial Council.

The place of the accident was in a section called ‘by-pass’ with two lanes (one in each direction), located in the lanes towards Zaragoza. The tourism was traveling in the direction of Tarragona (they were returning from a few days of vacation in Galicia) and the articulated lorry was traveling in the opposite direction. One of the hypotheses is that the speed in that section was higher than that recommended by the existing works.

While the futsal player and the 18-year-old girl lost their lives inside the vehicle, the third occupant was transferred to the Miguel Servet hospital in Zaragoza with a reserved prognosis. For his part, the driver of the truck did not initially suffer major injuries.

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