Two truck drivers die on the same stretch of the AP-2 in Fraga in…

Source: Two truck drivers die on the same stretch of the AP-2 in Fraga in…

Found on: 2022-08-31 06:35:44

Two truckers died throughout the afternoon of this Tuesday in different traffic accidents on the AP-2, towards Barcelona, ​​at the height of the municipality of Fraga. One of the deadly crashes was caused by an unusual retention, caused in turn by a collision between two other trucks – whose drivers were unharmed – in the early afternoon. The causes of the second are being investigated, although it is not ruled out that it is related to the same event. The aforementioned road remains cut between Bujaraloz and Fraga.

The tragic afternoon between kilometers 115 and 108.9 of the AP-2 began around 4:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. when two trucks collided with each other, after one of them hit an obstacle on the track. Both drivers were injured without being seriously injured, although the collision, which took place at the height of the municipal term of the capital of the Bajo Cinca region, caused a long retention, as it had not been seen for years.

With the road closed due to the overturning of one of the trucks involved, an hour and a half later, and barely seven kilometers away, at the height of the municipality of San Esteban de Litera, three other trucks collided with each other, One of its drivers died.

Hours later, at 10:00 p.m., the second fatal accident of the day took place on the same highway. On this occasion, the victim was also driving a truck, which collided with a similar vehiclejust two kilometers from the previous collision, specifically, at the height of the municipality of Torrente de Cinca.

Although, from the DGT, they cannot ensure that the incidents are related by the time lapse that separates them -almost four hours-, the short distance between the places of the events indicate a certain relationship, since at those hours the retentions continued forcing road users to arm themselves with patience waiting to be able to continue their march.

First thing this Wednesday morning, the section between Bujaraloz and Fraga of the AP-2 remains closed, and with traffic diverted to the N-2.

Another accident in Binéfar

Another incident with a truck cut the A-22 at the height of Binéfar. According to the DGT, the incident, which began shortly after three in the afternoon, was resolved at six.

The accident occurred at kilometer 27, on the exit branch of the A-22 that connects with the N-240 road. This was closed and the vehicles whose route ran through the affected section had to take the next exit. Apparently, the driver was not seriously injured.

Fateful balance on the roads of Huesca this summer

The last deceased trucker becomes the 21st victim this year on the roads of the province of Huesca. Alto Aragón is experiencing a tragic year with 21 deaths in traffic accidents already, 13 more than in 2021 (with mobility restrictions) and, what is more significant, 5 more than in 2019, before the pandemic, according to statistics of the DGT of fatal accidents to 24 hours. Seven have been motorcyclists.

The previous victim at two o’clock this Tuesday was a 39-year-old woman and a resident of the Ribagorza region who lost her life on August 17 when she was traveling as a passenger on a motorcycle that collided frontally with a tractor at kilometer 3,800 of the N-123, in the municipality of Barbastro. It was a fateful day since only eight hours earlier another motorcyclist, a 50-year-old Gipuzkoan, had died when he fell into a ravine in the port of Cotefablo, on the N-260a, near Yésero.

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