Trustco Bank – Opened a small bussiness and closed it in around…

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Source: Trustco Bank – Opened a small bussiness and closed it in around…

Trustco Bank – Opened a small bussiness and closed it in around 20 days

in a nutshell opened a small bussiness account with deposits between 15,000.00 and 20,000.00 a month and closed it in around 20 to 25 days because the checks never came (they gave me temporary checks but they didn’t have the company name and it was hard for some people to take the checks) and according to the bank it was the post office fault when i asked for special order they said that i had to pay for it because it wasn’t their fault and i said is not mine either and i said well i guess i’m going to have to close the account because they said they could’t do anything, they basically didn’t care i said wow this bank policy is crazy and stupid you are letting a new customer go for checks instead of keeping a new customer happy well again it seems like that was their position so i said i’m going to close the account, while she was closing she tells me that they had to charge me i think it was 35.00 because i was closing the account before 30 days and i said WHAT! well finally i said give me my 12,000.00 and some change check and let me get out of this bank as soon as i can finally went to a real bank and they had my checks in exactly 7 days by the way this was my second try with this bank because i used to have a personal account few years ago,i’ll make sure everybody of my bussiness friends and people that i know doesn’t open an account at trustco

User’s recommendation:
don’t open an account at trustco.

Monetary Loss:

Preferred solution:
not really just to let you know that either your policies are stupid or your employes not to be trained better.

Store Location: Orlando, Florida

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