Trooper Who Saved Runners From Drunk Driver Speaks Out: It Was Instinct

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Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Toni Schuck is being hailed as a hero after risking her life to save a group of runners from a suspected drunk driver. Schuck crashed her patrol SUV into the drunk driver to block the hundreds of runners. Schuck tells NBC’s Kerry Sanders, “It was ultimately instinct because I knew I was the last line of defense.” Schuck is now recovering from her injuries. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports for TODAY.

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44 thoughts on “Trooper Who Saved Runners From Drunk Driver Speaks Out: It Was Instinct”

  1. Its hard to hate all police after hearing of this brave mother and trooper. It gives me hope there might just be more of them out there. It's noteworthy that this lady is also a Christian and that makes a huge difference in her world view.

  2. I somehow missed this in the news when it first happened. It is insane to think of how many people that woman could have mowed down on the bridge if this trooper had not stopped her. She literally could have killed hundreds of people before she stopped. Because people instinctively would have started jumping off of the bridge which also would have been life-threatening. I will never understand how people can be so selfish as to drink and drive.

  3. I have witnessed some acts of bravery…..But Jeez…..This woman deserves the highest Honour available…..Absolutely selfless and what courage and bravery…..Respect Toni, you Madam….Are a special kind of person 😉

  4. The right moment on the right place 👏 nothing but pure divine intervention 😍♥️nothing else
    I watched it like 10 times just great 👍 job

  5. While other officers use their badge to inflict pain, suffering , death and constant abuse of citizens.
    This hero protect citizen and put her life in the line for us.
    Biden should grant her the medal star of bravery and honor this local soldier who deserve that and more.

  6. The DUI driver's blood alcohol was taken 6 HOURS LATER??? Seriously??? She must have gone to the hospital after that crash. They could have easily taken a blood sample then. Trooper Schuck is a hero hands down.

  7. Officer , God called on you … God made you an Angel of defense… You were already an Angel… but He made You an Angel with the full armor of God on… You are a Hero don't sell yourself short… You are a Hero – I love You , I love You in the name of Jesus I love You ~ You are a Great human being … You saved hundreds of lives and You were willing to give up Your own to do it … that's a automatic trip to heaven…🌱🕊️

  8. Oh my god! that’s one of the bravest and dangerous thing I ever witnessed. the impact was strong you can feel it through the video. This woman will be traumatized for the rest of here career as a officer

  9. Looking at that trooper it shows they don't have a physical fitness program. I have seen some whoppers in Florida.

  10. Should have placed both police cars in the road blocking the road entirely and got out of the vehicle. Pretty brave stuff though!!

  11. I can not figure how anyone thinks they can paint this with a different brush, The trooper is a Hero for her actions to protect the runners. They were on a tall bridge which would have been suicide to jump off of. I am a military veteran and retired law enforcement officer from Arizona. I would be really happy if the US Congress would decide to award this trooper with the Medal of Honor though she did not serve in the military. The actions she took that day would match the actions of our Medal of Honor Heroes we have with us today!!! She risked her life for the lives of others!!!

  12. Thre was someone there whose name sounds like Stephen Gaskin. How much better can you get?
    (I met Stephen Gaskin in Summertown, Tennessee.)

  13. Drunk. Yes. Obviously they know that now. However, the way the driver swerved, tells me this guy intended to drive through that crowd of runners.

  14. Why did she do this? It is well known that all runners are LIBS. No True American Patriots who Love TRUMP will run like this. It is unamerican to run. So I ask again: why did she sacrifice her CAR and potentially her life for a bunch of granola munching Libs?


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