Tiffany Whittaker AKA dirty trailer trash slore

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Source: Tiffany Whittaker AKA dirty trailer trash slore

Tiffany Whittaker AKA dirty trailer trash slore

This dirty ratchet has a house full of unkept kids, multiple fathers. All the while hooking up with random guys in her car, bringing men home, locking her kids in the room while she has her sex sessions. Pretends to be this hard working single mother but the only hard work she does is on her knees with her mouth open. Herpes, Chlamydia (confirmed) who knows what else. Slept with most of her coworkers, both male and female, including her manager Teresa Coleman at Access Media 3 in Renton, hoping for a promotion working as a call center retard. When your kids have to sit in one small room, while you shove snacks and video games at them to keep them from coming out into the living room cause your being gang banged by 3 big black guys, you should be tossed over a bridge. And when your kids call every man they see daddy, your vagina should be sewn shut.
Lives in Auburn. Works in Des Moines at Franciscan Health: prob because she goes there enough times for STD help. Was on the news awhile ago because her kids school had a daddy-daughter dance and since her kids don’t have actual daddies, she made a big stink about it. But turned right around and gave one of the school dads a blow job in his car that night. Way to go Tiffy!

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