They judge a young man for causing a fatal accident when he was going…

Source: They judge a young man for causing a fatal accident when he was going…

Found on: 2022-10-01 12:07:00

The Prosecutor’s Office asks for the accused, 24 years old, four years of jailBesides the prohibition driving cars and motorcycles for six years.

In the account of the events, which took place in March 2021 in Minorcathe Public Prosecutor maintains that the young man was driving a car, which it was not his property Y I didn’t have insurance required, under the effects of alcoholic beverages and narcotic substances.

After cause an accident in Mahón (Menorca), the accused allegedly resumed the march towards Moll de Ponent in the direction of the Me-1 highway, “practicing notoriously dangerous maneuvers”, describes the prosecutor.

Specifically, continues the Prosecutor’s Office, the defendant continued in the direction of Ciutadella and, while overtaking invaded “completely” Left Lane colliding head-on with a car. As a result, the driver of the other vehicle passed away on the spot and her partner, who was seven months pregnant, lost her baby.

The Public Prosecutor marks the Insurance Compensation Consortium and the owner of the car that the accused was driving as directly responsible. In addition to prison sentences, the young man faces a compensation for civil liability 254,435.4 euros.

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