They ask to keep the nurse accused of the crash without bail

Source: They ask to keep the nurse accused of the crash without bail

Found on: 2022-08-15 21:41:30

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has asked a judge to hold the woman accused of killing six people in a fiery crash earlier this month in Windsor Hills in jail without bail, citing security problems. mental health that “get worse”.

In a motion to oppose bail, the prosecutor’s office cited information provided by defense attorneys for Nicole L. Linton that said Linton, who has been working as an itinerant nurse, had been involuntarily committed to mental health treatment. and he had hurt himself more than once.

“The Defense has disclosed a number of prior incidents that appear to be escalating in severity, from the defendant climbing into police cars to jumping out of apartment windows,” an assistant prosecutor wrote in the motion filed before a bond review hearing on Monday.

Linton was charged Aug. 8 with six counts of murder and five counts of grossly negligent vehicular manslaughter for the Aug. 4 collision, in which the CHP said Linton sped into oncoming traffic at the intersection of La Brea and Slauson. .

“The defendant’s extremely reckless conduct, combined with her mental health issues that have escalated to the point of taking the lives of six people and injuring seven more, clearly fits the exceptions for detention without bail under the California Constitution,” the prosecutor’s motion said.

Prosecutors also said that Linton has limited ties to Southern California, which could increase the possibility that she is a flight risk.

The motion said Linton does not have a California driver’s license, his primary residence is in Texas and his mother lives in Jamaica.

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