The trucker who caused a fatal accident on the N-121-A in…

Source: The trucker who caused a fatal accident on the N-121-A in…

Found on: 2022-07-21 13:54:00

The truck driver of Czech nationality, AT, who provoked on the night of July 13 afatal accident on the N-121-A at the height of Sunbilla and in which a motorist died from Irun, 58 years old, has deposited the deposit of 12,000 euros imposed by the investigating judge and he will be released immediately. The defendant has also notified an address in Spain to receive the corresponding notifications and will have the obligation to appear on the first Monday of each month at the consular office. The judge decreed on the 15th his entry into provisional prison, avoidable on bail of 12,000 euros. The truck driver was traveling in the opposite direction and rammed head-on on the N-121-A, at the height of Sunbilla, a motorcyclist from Irun who died.

In addition, the judge agreed to retain the vehicle and its circulation permit “for the essential time” to find out if the trucker, who apparently has the green card -international insurance certificate- expired, has valid insurance that can guarantee civil responsibilities.

A motorcyclist dies in a traffic accident on the N-121-A in Sunbilla

The magistrate charged the investigated with a crime of felony reckless homicide. In the judicial resolution, which can be appealed, the judge reports that “there are sufficient indications” to charge the driver with the commission of said crime, punishable by between 1 and 4 years in prison. Thus, as stated in the car, the report presented by the Foral Police shows that the accident occurred in a section under construction in which, after hesitating about the path to follow, the defendant invaded the opposite lane in which he was circulating correctly the motorcyclist, against whom he collided head-on.

As for the signs of criminality, the magistrate points out that the driver, pending the final report, could circulate at about 105 km/h in a section limited to 60, “which undoubtedly would have directly influenced the fact of lacking reaction capacity and being able to stop the vehicle in time”.

The detainee availed himself of his legitimate right not to testify when he appeared in court.

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