The report of the fatal accident of the ambulance in Santander…

Source: The report of the fatal accident of the ambulance in Santander…

Found on: 2022-08-17 18:29:11

The report prepared after the fatal accident caused by an ambulance last January in Santander has concluded that there was no brake problem.

The medical vehicle left the road when it was traveling along the Bajada de Polio, invading the sidewalk and running over several people, including a 76-year-old woman who died.

After the incident, the Local Police made the corresponding report, in which it is ruled out that the ambulance’s brakes failed, as Europa Press has learned from sources close to the case.

The document has been finalized this summer and has been sent in August to the Santander court that instructs the cause after the accident, which occurred around 1:45 p.m. on Saturday, January 15.

Days later, Ambuibérica, winner of the medical road transport in Cantabria, assured that the ambulance had all the papers in order and the brake pads and tires had been changed “a month” ago. Also, that he was driving at a speed lower than that allowed in that area.

The concessionaire also indicated that the driver had been working for the company “quite a long time” and stressed that he had extensive experience in his profession.

He added in this regard that the man was in a state of “shock” and “disgusted and upset” because he did not know “what could have happened” so that the ambulance did not make the curve correctly.


The vehicle, which at that time was carrying out a scheduled transfer, left the road and invaded the sidewalk, running over the deceased and her 78-year-old husband, who was transferred injured to the Valdecilla Hospital, along with two patients who were in the ambulance.

The municipal firefighters attended together with the health personnel to the people run over, some of whom were trapped under the vehicle. In total, three were evacuated to the hospital with injuries of varying degrees.

After completing the rescue, the firefighters, with the help of a crane truck, were able to return the injured ambulance to the road. The mayor, Gema Igual, appeared at the scene to inquire about the status of the victims.

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