The person involved in the fatal accident in Villaobispo is in prison

Source: The person involved in the fatal accident in Villaobispo is in prison

Found on: 2022-09-13 01:33:36

A young man, a member of a family charged with a criminal record for similar causes, turned himself in on Sunday night at the León Police Station, after being surrounded by the Local Police since the day after the accident, when a control device in his home in José Aguado.

The head of the Court of Instruction number 4 of León ordered his admission to prison yesterday morning, after taking his statement. He is accused of a crime of omission of the duty of relief.

This is the son of the person that the Police suspect was really involved in the accident, who would have been the father and who belongs to a saga with a certain tradition in events of these characteristics. His surnames are related to numerous criminal activities in other parts of the autonomy.

The judge has listened to the suspect during his interrogation and has ordered his admission to prison without bail. He is accused in principle of a crime of omission of the duty of relief.

The investigators attribute to them an important influence in the accident, since they understand that the deceased could be affected by her behavior on the road, which led to the fatal accident.

The events occurred on the night of September 4 last. The occupant of the damaged car was driving through the Villaobispo roundabout when she was involved in a sinister that the investigation attributes to an excessive speed of the vehicle of the now delivered, on a road limited to 70 kilometers per hour but that the supposedly responsible vehicle practically turned.


The most tragic of the data that has emerged regarding this crime, regardless of the cause of the fatal accident, which must be determined, is that the defendants left the occupant of the Opel Corsa alive, who ultimately did not survive despite the intervention of health emergencies. The coldness with which this omission of the duty of assistance occurs is overwhelming.

The 61-year-old woman died when the two cars collided and one of them overturned on the East ring road, at the height of her passage through Villaobispo de las Regueras at the roundabout.

Now the judicial investigation process is opened and it will be determined if the opening of an oral trial against the suspect proceeds, according to what the instructor determines.

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