The Murcian truck driver in the fatal accident in Rotterdam had…

Source: The Murcian truck driver in the fatal accident in Rotterdam had…

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The Murcian trucker involved in an accident in the Netherlands that claimed the lives of six people, including an eight-month pregnant woman, had “cocaine in his blood at the time of the crime”, according to the toxicological investigation, but the Dutch Justice today decided to keep him on parole pending trial.

According to a spokeswoman for the Court of Appeal in The Hague, the information related to “the presence of cocaine in his blood is something that the Court will have to deal with later”, since there is still no date for the trialbut the judge decided today that the Spanish truck driver “would not have to return to prison” until that trial begins.

“You don’t have to be in jail waiting for the justice to start dealing with the case, but this is linked to some conditions, such as whate must be present in the courtroom during court sessions, and cannot drive at the moment. The judge has only decided on this point, not on the seriousness of the presence of cocaine in the blood”, he added.

An 8-month pregnant woman, her husband and her mother-in-law, among the six fatalities of the El Mosca trucker

The man, a native of Murcia and 46 years old, he was released on 9 September by decision of a Rotterdam court of first instance, but his driving license was revoked at that time, with no further conditions attached to his release.

The Prosecutor’s Office appealed that decision, alleging today that the driver had used cocaine and had financial problems, but the appeal court decided that, although he should be put back in pretrial detention due to the result of the toxicology analysis, he could still be released if he meets the conditions imposed.

His lawyer, Winston deBrower, noted two weeks ago that his client “most likely had an epileptic seizure at the time” of the tragedy and He doesn’t remember anything about the accident.he only has memories of the moment when he was in a police car”, although he assured that he had never had an epileptic seizure during the exercise of his work.

The suspect suffers from epilepsy and takes medication for this condition.which he also ingested as usual shortly before the accident occurred, around 6:00 p.m., according to De Brouwer, who did not mention that his client would have used cocaine in the hours or days before the accident.

The truck, which had the sign of the Spanish company El Mosca printed on it, overwhelmed a neighborhood event near Nieuw-Beijerland, a town in the province of South Holland and very close to Rotterdam, on August 27.

The driver was unharmed and tested negative for alcohol and drugs.but was detained for two weeks on suspicion of causing a fatal accident, until his release by the Rotterdam court, which included permission to also leave the Netherlands if the suspect so wanted.

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