The fatal outrage of a fan in the Comarca Norte Rally

Source: The fatal outrage of a fan in the Comarca Norte Rally

Found on: 2022-07-23 17:23:02

In the North Region Rally A terrible tragedy has been experienced when one of the cars has left the marked path, has climbed a small slope and has fatally run over a spectator who was watching the test without knowing the danger she was running. has happened in Anzo, in Galdar, whose City Council has confirmed what happened

Despite the efforts of the emergency teams, they could do nothing more than confirm that the victim had died. Yes, they were able to quickly transport another injured person to the hospital, where he is trying to recover from his serious injuries.

The images are very harsh, because you can see how the car stops driving where it should, cas if the pilot had lost control, Go up the slope and after running over the fans, fall down a couple of times.

Due to the seriousness of the accident and the commotion it has created, the organization of the Rally has decided that the tests will not take place. The Emergency Coordination Center of the 112 Canarias, in statements to Efe, has indicated that they have not participated in the emergency device since the competition itself had its own.

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