The family of Sofía Adamo, victim of a fatal accident in…

Source: The family of Sofía Adamo, victim of a fatal accident in…

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“The family of the victim, Sofía Adamo Alonso, addresses you due to the extremely traumatic event that occurred on the island on August 5, 2019, where Sofía Gisela Adamo Alonso and Mathieu Mechin Oliver lost their lives. For this reason, we ask that they allow us to generate an action of recognition and memory for both the traffic victims and the pain of their families.” Thus begins the letter that the Adamo Alonso family sent on August 26 to the president of the Consell de Formentera, Ana Juan, three years after Sofía and Mathieu lost their lives in a traffic accident.

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On August 5, 2019, the family received the worst news of their lives. Sofía, who had turned 30 two weeks ago, had suffered a traffic accident that ended her life and that of her friend Mathieu, 32 years old. Sofía, who had just finished her studies in Architecture at the National University of Mar del Plata, emigrated to Formentera that summer to work in the hotel industry, save money and be able to take a master’s degree to continue training in Spain.

The driver of the car tested positive for breathalyzer.

His mother, Gabriela Alonso, tells us that after finishing their working day at the Hotel Riu de La Mola, Sofía and Mathieu left on a motorcycle, being run over at kilometer 10 of the main road (which joins La Mola with the port of La Savina) by Silverio Capilla, a man who had apparently consumed three gin and tonics and was driving at excessive speed, as also reported by El Español, in a dimly lit area.

“The car rammed the motorcycle from behind, without even braking, until it finally crashed into a bush,” Gabriela explains to An hour after the tragic accident, the Civil Guard did a breathalyzer test on the driver of the car, which came back positive, with a rate of 0.65 milligrams of alcohol per liter of expired air. “This fact took the life of our dear Sofi and destroyed an entire family that was waiting for her in Argentina,” explains the family in the letter sent to the Consell de Formentera.

For this reason, in homage to Sofia, the family asked the island government to place a sign with a yellow star and the victim’s name at the scene of the accident, because “this type of road accident is very common on the island.” reads the letter, which is why Gabriela considers that “more awareness” is needed. Among their demands, they ask for more alcohol controls by the Civil Traffic Guard as a way to discourage drivers from taking their vehicles having consumed and to improve the frequencies of public transport, on an island that that same year regulated the entry of vehicles by port.

In this regard, the Consell de Formentera urged the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), in the plenary session on October 1, 2021, to install the fixed and mobile radars necessary to increase road safety on the island’s roads, as stated in the Sustainable Mobility Plan (PMS), sources from the Consell Insular explain to

Regarding the signage at the accident site, the same sources confirm that the Consell Insular received the email and assure that “it will have to be studied, because it has never been done”. These types of posters, in Argentina, are placed not only to remember the victims of traffic accidents, but also to draw attention to how dangerous it is to drive recklessly, recklessly or inattentively.

A yellow star in memory of Sofia

“There is an organization called Estrellas Amarillas, which is in charge of making posters of the style that we are requesting, for memory and awareness. Therefore, we would already have a type of signage diagrammed, which I enclose together with this letter with its characteristics and safe placement method, which we will take care of if we are granted permission. We also layout the poster according to the design standards of Spain, with the typography used for traffic signs called “Conventional Highway” (we enclose the original print in the mail)”, reads the letter.

A small tribute with which the population of Formentera and its visitors could always remember that Sofía, a woman of only 30 years, had a whole life ahead of her, as well as the illusion of starting a professional life as an architect in the country where his grandfather was born. At the moment, they have only been able to honor her at her house in Buenos Aires, where her remains of ashes lie that were collected by Nehuen, her little brother.

After three years of anguish and suffering, while waiting for the oral hearing, Sofía’s mother, Gabriela, and her siblings, Nehuen and Priscila, will travel to Eivissa on September 30 to attend the trial that will be held on October 6. in the Court of Instruction number 2. Daniel, the father, will stay at home, as he suffers from a left hemiplegia due to a stroke that prevents him from moving. The family asks for 6 years in prison for Silverio, accused of serious reckless homicide, the maximum prison sentence contemplated by Spanish law for a crime like this. They hope that, finally, “justice will be done”.

A 16-year-old motorcyclist, a new victim of the roads

A 16-year-old boy died this Tuesday after having suffered a traffic accident in Formentera this Monday, according to Ràdio Illa and confirmed by the Eivissa and Formentera Health Area in a statement. The accident occurred on the same road where Sofía and Mathieu lost their lives. In this case, the accident occurred around 11 in the morning, at kilometer 8, which connects La Mola with La Savina.

The young man was admitted this Monday to the Can Misses hospital in Eivissa, after being seriously injured. The accident had caused a moderate head injury and severe thoracoabdominal trauma. Several witnesses who witnessed the accident assured that, after the collision between the car and the motorcycle, the driver of the motorcycle was ejected, “remaining on the car until it fell, at which time it hit a stone, losing his helmet.” .

UD Ibiza, a team that competes in the Spanish Second Division, lamented the death of the young man on Tuesday morning, in a statement on its website. Iván Verdera Ferrer, a native of Formentera, was a Juvenil A footballer. “From Ibiza we join the pain of his parents, family and friends. Always with us, Ivan. Rest in peace”. has just launched its edition of the Balearic Islands with its own newsroom to investigate and report on all the islands. How many national media have a newsroom in the Balearic Islands? Become a member at this link and allocate a part of the usual fee to directly finance our newsroom in the Balearic Islands.

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