the boys who died in Son Ferriol, without a belt

Source: the boys who died in Son Ferriol, without a belt

Found on: 2022-09-18 01:59:01

The Traffic Civil Guard continues to investigate the fatal accident that occurred at dawn this past Saturday in Son Ferriol (Palma), in which three young people aged 18, 21 and 23 lost their lives and a fourth girl, 21, was seriously injured. The agents have found out that the two men were not wearing their seat belts and everything indicates that the Volkswagen Sirocco in which they were traveling was traveling at high speed. The car, after colliding with a truck, was split into two parts and it was necessary fire brigade intervention to rescue the victims. The deceased are Spanish and resided in Palma.

Some sources have highlighted the fact that the section of this road in Palma where two boys and a girl have lost their lives is a black dot where two young people who were riding motorcycles have already died in 2021. In that incident, two friends living in Palma, aged 18 and 19, lost their lives at night, when a driver lost control of his vehicle and invaded the opposite lane. The impact with the boys’ motorcycle was tremendous and both died. It is a kilometric point that has registered more accidents in recent years, some of them fatal.

According to investigators, the woman who died this past Saturday was the driver of the vehicle. The other woman recovers from injuries produced in a hospital in Palma. His statement may be decisive in shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the fatal accident in Palma. In this sense, the Meritorious investigates the reasons why the car lost control and ended up crashing into the front side of a truck that was circulating properly, in the opposite direction. His driver tested negative for alcohol and drugs.

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