The AP-7 in Tarragona is closed for the third time this week

Source: The AP-7 in Tarragona is closed for the third time this week

Found on: 2022-05-29 20:27:08

An accident on the AP-7 at El Vendrell has forced the road to be closed this afternoon. Specifically, the accident took place at kilometer point 223 of the motorway. The emergency services have received the notice at 6:41 p.m.

The Firefighters have traveled to the scene with three crews to release one of the three occupants of the accident vehicle who had been trapped. He has been airlifted to hospital by helicopter. Two more people have been injured.

Despite the cut, the cars have been able to circulate along the ditch but there have been retentions of more than 10 kilometers between Altafulla and El Vendrell. There have also been queues in the other direction.

In addition, 9 kilometers of retentions have accumulated on the N-340 between Altafulla and El Vendrell in the direction of Barcelona.

Third accident on the same road

The AP-7 has become the focus of accidents in the province during the last week. Surely this is due to the increase in traffic that this road has registered since the dismantling of the tolls. And it is that there are many drivers who choose the motorway since it is circulated free of charge, which also increases the probability of accidents.

At the beginning of the week, specifically on Thursday, May 26, more than 10 kilometers of queues were recorded on the AP-7 at the entrance to Tarragona after a fatal accident. The driver of a vehicle, who had previously collided in the other direction with another vehicle, jumped the median and was hit by a third car, dying on the spot.

A day later, on May 27, a fire on the side of the road near Cambrils forced the road to be closed for more than two hours, which caused long queues. Firefighters needed to cut off the highway for about 45 minutes to control the fire and smoke. Then a lane was opened and traffic was later restored.

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