Tesla Autopilot Saves Other Drivers, Pulls Over With Drunk Driver On Board…

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Tesla autopilot and other similar semi-autonomous driver assistance features certainly help make the road a lot safer – but this past week we found out just how safe when a Tesla with autopilot safely pulled over and waited for the police to arrive when its driver — who was thoroughly drunk — passed out at the wheel.

Please, don’t drink and drive.

Script: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Presenter: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Produced: Transport Evolved

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14 thoughts on “Tesla Autopilot Saves Other Drivers, Pulls Over With Drunk Driver On Board…”

  1. Interesting usage of autopilot – I wonder how many deaths will be prevented by such systems – when a tired or drunk driver will NOT drive into opposing lane and kill innocent people there.

  2. Great, to bad there are not more Tesla's on the road monitoring our driving, this week my Daughter was hit by another drunk driver (with my Grandson and Son-in-law in the car with her) thankfully no serious injuries, the second drunk driver crash in 4 years (both cars are totalled) and the only accidents she has ever had as she is so careful driving! Why?

  3. I had a friend ask me, why would you want your car to pull over if you're sleeping?
    Idk, maybe you can't afford another $40k? Or if you died from a heat attack, your kids wouldn't inherit a smashed luxury vehicle

  4. This ugly bag of water is thrilled to hear Tesla driver assistance is doing its job so well! May it slowly grow and go places more safely and carefully.

  5. What about medical problems if someone had an epileptic fit which cars would pull over and call the emergency services?

    A few years ago I had an epileptic fit whilst walking in the park this is my only ever fit. So under German law I was banned from driving for 6 months (despite not having a driving license) and if I ever get a driving license there is a legal requirement for me to have loads of medical tests once per year.

    I would like to know which cars are better at handling epileptic fits, rather than just slamming into a wall at 100mph if I ever get my driving license.


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