Terrance Alan Autrey — Decatur, Georgia

Found on: 2022-06-18 08:26:12

Source: Terrance Alan Autrey — Decatur, Georgia

Ladies please meet Terrance Alan Autrey. If you come across him please RUN!!!. He is a big con artist that will trick you and steal from you and your kids if you have any. This man has several kids that he does not even bother to take care of let alone he has genital herpes and passes it on to his victims and then claims they did not get it from him. Lastly he will use anyone he feels that he can including transgender men, women with low self esteem, older women. The list goes on. Please be careful. Do not trust a word he says or you will be sorry. He bounces from place to place in georgia(stone mtn, decatur, lithonia, tucker, eastpoint, chamblee, college park forest park etc) and is originally from Pensacola Florida.

Source: Terrance Alan Autrey — Decatur, Georgia

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