Telia Dean — Yup She Is A Stripper –

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Telia Dean — Yup She Is A Stripper

Not surprised honestly, I said she would end up stripping eventually back in 2014. She popped out a kid with a baby daddy who took off right away (big shocker, could have known by the 2 kids he had already that he never saw) and once the kid is born she decides, fuK it I got no other valuable talents Imma just get naked for $$$! I feel bad for the kid tbh. She even got breast enlargment surgery with her money she made selling her soul, so she is committed to the game! I suspect webcam or becoming a pornstar is in the future for this one. She dances under the name Nova Nynx. She sleeps around with everyone. The only skills she is good at are selling drugs and selling her body.

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