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Found on: 2022-10-06 16:05:18

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Fraudulent [email protected]
PseudonymSara harris Tetteh
Telephone+233 50 097 3341 (ou 00233500973341) (more info)
Scam contentsI have been in contact with this scammers for a while and not realised she is a genuine scammers until i got sent her passport which has a different number in top corner too the other 2 on the passport , have downloaded the images she’s used and appears to be an American erotica actress to lure you in but its not this person at all and have her contact details that i will block the number on my phone as don’t want her contacting me again . Also believe her mother is involved which she said was 79 years old and when I’ve spoken to her it sounds very genuine but you can’t tell as only had 1 webcam conversation but picture was very poor and microphone was said wasn’t working but could have muted it and just said it . I’m out of pocket through taptapsend and have transactions receipt through my email which if needs be can be used as don’t want anyone else getting scammed in this way from this individual.
Comment / ReviewPlease stop this individual as don’t want anyone else being scammed in this way and she needs to be stopped as she appears to have been doing it a while . I’m enclosing as much information as i can for you to make public knowledge .if need google chat history then can provide this too on both emails addresses which additional email used is . [email protected]

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Found At: [email protected] | +233500973341 | Sara harris Tetteh | Romance…

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