TEARING Into The Jerry Springer Episode That's SO RACIST It's Nearly…

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41 thoughts on “TEARING Into The Jerry Springer Episode That's SO RACIST It's Nearly…”

  1. To be fair, I couldn't understand the second audience member either.
    But that's all I'll agree with these lost kids…

  2. I haven't watched vaush in a while but honestly he's quite arrogant and his community is pretty vile(but yt chat still best chat). In other words he's great for the left but he's also annoying and should form a militia or something dope

  3. "They should go back to Africa". I've always loved this line. Like if black people belong in Africa despite being born here then you should go too, since humans evolved in Africa.

  4. Bro you literally are never original you saw a video of someone else react to this just like you heard Hassan say cracker just like you stole Destiny’s whole stick lmao

  5. I don't think it's necessarily born out of being groomed, I think a lot of people are just naturally averse to things they aren't familiar with… That's why you have babies favoring the people who look more like they do or even the discrimination based on names… I think it's just an innate bias for that which is familiar (probably because in nature there is greater safety in familiarity…)

    Personally I remember having some pretty racist feelings in elementary and early high school, but there wasn't really any rationale to it and I don't think I had really heard much to lead me towards that other than a gut feeling… At that point I think my parents didn't really talked about any racial stuff around me…

    I feel like a lot of people on the left don't really want to consider that humans have a preference for the things they know… (There's actually a name for this apparently? The 'mere-exposure effect' or 'familiarity principle' is a pretty similar if not identical concept)

    But yeah, that's one thing I think the resume study didn't take into account… A lot of those people probably discriminated because they're just more familiar with a name like Lauren over Lakeesha or whatever the comparison was… That's not necessarily even tied with race… I'm sure common names would do better than more rarer/archaic names… Gary is probably going to do better on a job application than Garrison, just like Trixie will probably do better than Trixibelle… Brandon will probably do better than Braylon… Like, if the name was the only difference, I'd easily hire Gary, Trixie and Brandon over the others… Unless I wanted to satiate my curiosity as to how those other people ended up with such unusual names… Garrison isn't THAT bad, but Trixibelle and Braylon? Oof… And like it's not even that they sound bad as names, they sound good… It's just unusual…

  6. I am 41. This was just regular TV when I a kid. Even Oprah had some racists on in her early days. She went to Forsyth County, GA for one episode and a guy got up right in front of her and said into the mic she was holding “we don’t want n-words living here”.

  7. Ah yes… the Protestant Jews that owned all the land and we're Presidents and apparently the ones who created the proud southern traditions they to cling so dearly now. Yes, that red-headed little girl knows her history…. lol

  8. the obsession with Jews crucifying Jesus is absurd– according to THEIR holy book, God sent his son to earth TO BE CRUCIFIED. you're upset that Jews/Romans were a part of the prophesy that was fulfilled? how does that make any sense? unless you don't believe that Jesus' sacrifice was part of his plan?? does anything happen outside of God's plan?? make it make sense.

  9. Holy shit, they just dogpiled that racist 14 year old with the fuked up 80's hairstyle. Goddamn she got eviscerated by that audience

  10. Redhead literally forgot both England and Rome existed like bro how do u forget entire nations that spanned straight up continents

  11. Honestly racist people are hilariously stupid it’s funny to watch and listen to them until you realize what happens when they vote

  12. Its crazy how they actually acknowledge the point the last person said and respond to it. Never seen a debate like that

  13. Vaush clipped together two completely different racist family episodes…. that wasn't their dad. You can find more of it on youtube. The actual dad is sooooo much worse.

  14. I would just say: girl, shut the hell up… gingers don't even have souls, why you're worried about god lmaaaaaao


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