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Death Threats and disgusting mockery from members of his team and anors, to quote Alvaro de Ferranti, had such a profound effect on him he wanted to do cartwheels (a circular sideways handspring with the arms and legs extended). Alvaro is someone who seems to have moved away from hard drugs addiction with Ibogaine therapy. It has some success rates at getting people off heroin, but it has a death rate of 1 in 300 or so.

Ibogaine is banned in many countries for that reason, namely the risk of serious medical complications or death during treatment. It is unregulated in Portugal because it was not known to the authorities. His work would have stayed that way but he bought bad luck to the cause of Iboga because he lent support and shelter to individuals in trouble with the police for dealing in substances.

Several reports and complaints were filed with the GNR police post in Beja as well as with the Criminal Tribunal in Oliveira do Hospital. They were in relation to the breaching of Criminal Court injunctions served upon Dani Mar of Tabula Rasa and others in her clan prohibiting criminal harassment of police witnesses. It began when Dani Mar and her family were raided by the police and big sacks of cannabis and LSD were found.

The matter went to Court and whilst on bail her and her family were involved in inciting death threats and disgusting mockery which lead a Court to hand down a restraining order, an injunction, banning the behaviour. Court Reference Number is 1544.18.3T9 GMR Tribunal Oliveira do Hospital.

It Is the truth that staff members (and the families of the individuals also) of Alvaro de Ferranti’s Iboga therapy centre were involved in threatening police witnesses with violence and murder. They were also involved in posting disgusting abuse about the witness, poking fun and laughing at him, claiming he was sick, mental, evil, should feel fear and would be killed before the police can help.

They were helped also by Andi Bock of Vidigueira and of, or was of, Tabula Rasa Ibogaine treatment centre. The police reports filed with the Beja GNR post are GCLSA 37.17.0/7 reference Ibogaine Tabula Rasa date 13 November 2018.

They related to breaches of Court Injunctions related to witness mockery and criminal defamation by those arrested by the GNR in 2016 for dealing in LSD and marijuana.

Alvaro de Ferranti changed the two names of the staff members involved so that they could continue supporting the abuse whilst remaining June 2018 the witness threatened with murder because he was wrongly accussed of being a snitch obtained an injunction against one of the staff members at Tabula Rasa. Her name is Dani Mar. Andi Bock was not injuncted but was involved in covering for the behaviour and lending support.

Alvaro changed the names to hide them so that they could continue supporting mockery undetected, that was until family members threatened to finish off a Court witness days before a hearing to take evidence. Family members threatened the witness with various unpleasant things but they also shared on Facebook about Tabula Rasa.

When he was told about the problems he removed both people from his website and then claimed both of them had gone. But that is not the truth, he just pretended they had left and then claimed they had left to try and secure a retraction. He claimed the witness to Court had a bugbear, the bugbear was he wanted the disgusting abuse to stop but Dani Mar and others carried on, that is how in the end IP addresses of the abuse was tracked to Vidiguiera.

In November 2016 the GNR found 14 kilos of cannabis and LSD seals at the house of Dani Mar who now works at Tabula Rasa retreat centre in Vidigueira. Family and friends of Dani Mar, including also an Andi Bock of Tabula Rasa Retreat Centre, who Alvaro claims no longer works there, were involved in threatening a police witness with murder and violence after he was accused of being a police snitch when he was not. He was told he would be subjected to violence and murder because the family thought the witness was a snitch, the police had to file for restraining orders on the family, granted in June 2018 by the Tribunal.

They were forbidden to make further death threats, or post malicious defamation, or to threaten the witness.

Dani Mar of Tabula Rasa as well as others associated with her broke a Court Injunction prohibiting the making of death threats and posting disgusting abuse about the witness to Court. Whilst she was at Tabula Rasa her partner continued to make death threats and to post malicious defamation, he ran from the police and is wanted by the authorities for jumping bail, it is assumed he is hiding up with her in Vidigueira.

In September 2018 Dani’s partner implied he was at Tabula Rasa and tried to persuade the witness to visit him under the guise of reconciliation and love. Whether he was are not remains to be determined, Alvaro said he was never there, but Dani’s partner claimed otherwise. When the invitation was declined, Dani Mar’s associates continued to send more threats and to break the injunctions, whilst evading the police.

During summer 2018 Alvaro de Ferranti made several invitations for the witness to visit the centre to experience Iboga and to see what work was being done there. Alvaro de Feranti appears to have given Dani Mar work at Tabula Rasa, changing her name before adding her to the staff list on his website. Because the witness was threatened with murder by associates of Dani Mar he was reluctant and wanted to know if she was there before attending.

Then Alvaro claimed he did not have to say whether she was gone or not, so he did not proceed further with the plans at that time. It was also because Alvaro implied the witness was negative and had a ‘bugbear’, neither applied, he was just pointing out to Alvaro that two of his people had a history for mockery and involvement in threatening Court witnesses.

He claimed the matter had nothing to do with Tabula Rasa but it is the truth that two of his team members (or at the very least ex team members) were involved in threatening witnesses to Court, and helping them to hide from the police. The witness became suspicious at the invitations to visit Tabula Rasa because Alvaro did not disclose the fact that three people involved in threatening to murder him were either at the centre, or living down the road in Vidigueira. The latter is just 10 minutes away. There were potential safety concerns that he was being lured into remote country by those involved in threatening to murder him under the guise of reconciliation.

It was more suspicious because Dani Mar was involved in inciting death threats toward witnesses, but Tabula Rasa deemed it not very serious because they called her back in to help with a PR photo-shoot.

The most suspicious thing was that the whole thing ‘looked like a lure’ and some of Alvaro’s responses over the months either were not consistent, looked suspect or appeared to be covering for those involved in the behaviour.

The invitations were forwarded to the police in Beja for further investigation into the role of Tabula Rasa people in Vidigueira in threatening police witnesses with violence and murder, mockery, as well as assisting people to hide from the police under different names whilst violating Criminal Court injunctions.

Several rounds of disgusting abuse came from a place called Vidigueira which is 10 minutes away from Tabula Rasa.

Tabula Rasa is located at Quinta da Fe, Estrada de Alcaria, Taipinhas.

The location is not disclosed openly because the Iboga is unregulated. Iboga work is banned in several countries because it has a death rate of 1 : 400 due to medical complications such as heart troubles, seizures, fatal complication caused by lethal interactions with other medications or some countries people have died in Iboga therapy, centres have been shut down, Iboga outlawed and in some cases owners facing charges of culpable homicide where there has been deaths.

The status in Portugal is unregulated, so it is kept low key.

The location was found because associates and family members of Dani Mar kept breaking the Court Injunction necessitating further police reports, at least 135 over 16 months. They had difficulty locating where Dani Mar was for questioning because of the undisclosed location of Tabula Rasa ans the fact that Alvaro used a different name.

Alvaro knew about what happened but pretended he did not and that his centre had nothing to do with it, but some of the mockery came from his staff whilst they were at Tabula Rasa. Alvaro de Ferranti was told to ensure the disgusting abuse stops, it did stop, perhaps because he pleaded with those involved to stop fearing Iboga criminalization.

The Public Ministry got involved and have started a thorough review of unregulated substances and therapies in Portugal as a result, the address of Tabula Rasa was passed onto the authorities along with concerns about Iboga safety and the policer reports of the problems from those associated with Dani Mar and Andi Bock.

Alvaro de Ferranti is now known to the authorities, the police and the Public Ministry in relation to unregulated Ibogaine therapy and generally once the authorities become aware of unregulated therapies that carry fatal risks, the move to ban the substance.

He brought that bad luck on himself by helping out those involved in witness harassment and mockery of the witness to Court and feeling sorry for them. Nevertheless regardless of his sentiments, a Criminal Court made findings of witness harassment and imposed an injunction on the offenders.

Court Reference Number is 1544.18.3T9 GMR Tribunal Oliveira do Hospital.
Police Report Reference Number GCLSA 37.17.0/1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Oliveira do Hospital/Beja GNR

Alvaro posted a blog about people following the law but his people did not follow the law, some found work at Tabula Rasa whilst awaiting Tribunal for substance trafficking and witness harassment.

Some appear to have been given different names.

Alvaro of Tabula Rasa was told in no uncertain terms:-

I do not say if something should be banned, or not banned, but those in trouble with the authorities that make threats to murder witnesses to the Courts, they bring bad luck to their cause. Four are already under injunction and there have been numerous breaches, breaches of injunctions handed down from Criminal Courts, necessitating further police complaints and reports.

Lets hope the same curse of prohibition does not inflict the Iboga in Portugal. That is why it is very bad luck that those involved with Tabula Rasa and Iboga, were also involved in threatening me with murder, helping the offenders to hide from the police, supporting the behaviour, covering for the behaviour, or finding others to join in.

They are all clearly in the area of Tabula Rasa, even if they are not there, they are nearby.

Of course it has something to do with you, you gave refuge to people involved in threats to murder the witness to Court, changing their names so they would not be found and knowing what they were involved in, others involved live close to your Centre and probably visit as friends.

You can take this email as a friendly advisory, talk amongst yourselves, ensure I do not receive further death threats, disgusting insults or similar, from your friends in the Iboga. The Gods do not tend to shine on those that think threatening me with murder is ok, lets hope that statement to the Universe does not bring bad luck.

People deal in drugs and get caught, it is their fault, and not mine.

If the Iboga movement is friends with those that claim to be able to threaten me with murder, violence and serious injury, or support such behaviour, if the behaviour by its practitioners and representatives does not stop, you risk losing your freedom for Iboga in Portugal.

The more bad behaviour attracts the attention of the authorities, the more likely undue attention will be brought to your work, it is a tough substance to get a full legalization for, the last thing Iboga wants is its people involved in threatening to murder police witnesses or accusing them of being snitches.

That is what I said to the Santo Daime people, they ignored the warning but the Courts ruled against them as I told
them they would if they did not stop. Now I have the address of your centre and the evidence of its association with those involved in criminal behaviour, breaches of injunctions, death threats and substance trafficking well documented, it is probably wise to talk amongst yourselves and ensure the death threats and other threats stop.

When he was told that further disgusting abuse would put Ibogaine on the fast track to being criminalized in Portugal as if by magic the disgusting abuse and mockery stopped.

The other reason it stopped is because contempt of Criminal Court always means prison.

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