Suspected drunk driver crashes into Houston home

Uploaded By: FOX 26 Houston

FOX 26 Reporter Matthew Seedorff spoke with the owner of the home after a suspected drunk driver, who is still on the run, crashed into her Houston home.

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Watch more at: Suspected drunk driver crashes into Houston home

36 thoughts on “Suspected drunk driver crashes into Houston home”

  1. Since she “doesn’t” know him put her ass in jail. Let the owner of the car take full responsibility since she wants to cover for an idiot. Dumb and dumber

  2. The driver freaked out and crashed when he asked the ‘girl’ to pull her panties down and a big ‘10inch-Ding’ popped out…so he ran and got away from that.

  3. I'm sorry for what happened but $70,000 is extremely way to much to repair that damage smh.
    That should be no more than $20,000 or less.
    The owner of the car should be held accountable, it's her car and she knows damn well the driver.

  4. Do the right thing… Like don't drink and drive. Oh guess they don't know how or this would have never happened. How is the owner of the car not responsible for letting a "complete stranger" drive her vehicle? Oh wait was he driving her from the club cause she was too drunk to drive? Does the club have cameras to see who she left with?

  5. 😏💬🤳🏾…….🥃🍻Rumor has it that the passenger doesn't even know if the driver was drunk, a male or female and she seriously does not how the driver even got into her car's driver's seat and began driving her car! B!+c# GTFOH!

  6. the woman who has no knowledge of the driver – they're not going to charge her (in criminal court). time to lawyer up – take her to civil court. you only need a preponderance of the evidence which is greater than 50%+ that she in fact did know him – sue her for damages and trauma. criminal courts, and the justice system has failed us and is failing us. take them to civil court – destroy her. =)

  7. I would never, ever think about buying a house that will be in the path of an out of control car, it's an accident waiting to eventually happen

  8. She doesn't know him LIES ‼️she needs to be taken in apply that heat put her under the pressure she will crack and turn his disgusting 🤮 self in !!!!

  9. And the government is legalizing marijuana; the consequences will be more property damage and lives lost! The female passenger should be arrested; since when do you allow someone to drive your car and you don't know them. She's a liar!


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