SuperYacht Owner Dies in Accident | Eyewitness Tells of Yacht Capsizing | SY…

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SuperYacht Owner Dies in Accident | Eyewitness Tells of Yacht Capsizing | SY News Ep124
Update on sinking of MY 007
Owner of MY Tatiana dies
EU Update – Italy to allow long term visa for yacht crew in Italy

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35 thoughts on “SuperYacht Owner Dies in Accident | Eyewitness Tells of Yacht Capsizing | SY…”

  1. It is NOT a salon (where ladies have their hair done) on the 007, it is a saloon (a salooooooon is where cowboys drink) 📓

  2. Is that a Turkish flag on the MY Tatiana??? If so, why? If the owner was from Mumbai, I would think he would fly the Indian flag.

  3. If that seemingly small hole sank the ship then there is clearly some design flaws. Also why wouldn't a ship of that size have bilge pumps capable of keeping it afloat with that little damage I have to ask?

  4. It is quite possible that the ship was sinking fast and so the captain thought to run it aground to save the passengers. Depending on what's making it sink the water could flood very quickly and sick killing everyone on board. It sounds crazy but I was on a cruise ship that did the same thing. It scraped by a coral reef and it split the side of the ship open and the ship immediately started taking on water. The Captain sounded the alarms and ordered everyone to the Muster Stations, as we were trying to get there he came back on and told us that the ship was sinking too quickly and to hold on because they were going to run the ship aground to keep it from sinking in about 350 feet of water with more than 1000 souls onboard. It was a terrifying moment but he did just that and not only saved the ship but every single passenger and crew member. Had he not acted quickly many people would have died because people were still trying to get above deck to the muster stations when we started to sink. He saved our lives. Come to find out a passenger had a heart attack and need emergency medical care, he couldn't be airlifted so the captain made the choice to bring the ship as close to St.Martian as possible when he hit the reef. This was a Royal Caribbean ship the Monarch of the Seas. So it is possible that the Captain was just trying to save the passengers by running it aground.

  5. So I come to the conclusion that super yachts are a super bad investment. Cost too much, maintenance is too much and then I guess they are unsave, from fires to sinking.

  6. I believe we all have a time limit.
    Some ways we go out the conventional way n some unconventional ND some just plain stupid.

    When Death comes for you,
    You have to go then n there.

    Are u ready?

  7. OO7 and other Turkish built/registered Super Yachts should be subject to EU standards when they enter EU waters. If they don't want to build them properly, they shouldn't be allowed in.
    Crazy visa rules, good to hear things have improved slightly. Compare to the huge numbers arriving from Albania, Ukraine, Africa, etc. They're given support and permission to remain. The whole immigration rules business should be dismantled and focus on stopping the mass migration.

  8. Aaahhhh, no sympathy. A boat is just a hole to throw money into. My idiot friend got a million dollars in in inheritance. He spent 50,000 on a boat. Then he put 10,000 worth of Teak wood. By the time he was done, no money to buy a house outright. He had to have a mortgage. He got hooked on opiates, huge drinker, he got evil, and we stopped visiting. His house, with mortgage, got burned to the ground. Have no idea where he went, boat burned too. Fools, pouring the price of my house into a friggin boat!! No sympathy, only wanted the dogs to make it. IS THIS FOOL GONNA CLEAN THE WATER? NO, OF COURSE NOT.

  9. Both The Chiefs at Scotland Yard and MI6 have asserted that 007 has been aging rapidly since the 1960s and instead of checking into the old folks home like other people his age do the famed Spy bought a super yacht had a party got obnoxiously drink and sank himself… Folks on shore reported 007s half naked teenage girlfriend really beat him up bad for scaring her so badly…

  10. Thank you 🙏 fascinating technology 🛥 🚤 boats turn up side down in 2022 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤷🏿great 🎥👍

  11. Beautiful ship, the name suits the look. Tragedy it’s gonna sink. At least it’s not too deep they can try to salvage it. I’ll Pray for those two who Perished in the car accident and for their families. Stay safe everyone 🙏

  12. Life is short make sure you live the way you want too because tommorow is not promised!!!Also guys use your heads a yatch that big and navigating waters that have potential reef danger and potential damage should very well be tested first but ankering out in deeper more safer waters you have to keep at least 15 to 30 feet of water to be safe. That is what you got your tender for. Use it as the scouter.

  13. Yep, just an accident, nothing could have been done to prevent it…right. Funny that rich peoples cars, yachts and planes don't pollute, but the common persons cars are destroying the planet somehow.


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