Stephanie Lynn Johnson from St. Cloud Florida, New York

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Source: Stephanie Lynn Johnson from St. Cloud Florida, New York

Stephanie Lynn Johnson from St. Cloud Florida, New York

A liar, a cheater, a whore, the tale of Stephanie Johnson – Stephanie Lynn Johnson from St. Cloud Florida now resides in any town that the guy she hops in bed with takes her, so currently plattsbugh NY. This not so lovely young lady lies her way through life with her sob story of being a single mother who had been abused. Don’t fall for this trick, Stephanie had sued her mother back when she was around 17 or 18, got $2000 and left home to live in a hotel. After meeting a guy who mysteriously left one day along with her remaining money she went into the business of selling herself and lived in a drug den. There she met the father of her daughter and escaped to ‘ol Plattsbugh. There she got abused him to the point he taught back so she cried domestic violence and got him locked up. While in jail Steph got real lonely and hopped around town with men and women. She had hit rock bottom so she put her dumbass on Craig’s list posing as a single mother who needed help, (oh boo hoo). Her next victim did all he could to help her, he buaght her an apartment she turned it into a whore house with house rules of what to call her (mistress Stephanie) and when and where to talk about the house. She couldn’t pay rent, also her daughter was living with her at this time probably locked away so the men couldn’t see or hear her, so this guy sadly agrees to take her in. He washes her clothes in his bathtub while they waited to get s washer and dryer, his mother took her and got her teeth fixed for her because the years of drugs, smoking, and lack of proper hygiene was making her mouth smell like a hobos toilet. These people did everything they could to help this fool, know what she did in return? Cheated on him every second she could, he spotted her in several cars with different men, he caught he sneaking back inside their house late one night dressed up in club clothing, and worse of them all she went around crying about him and his mother abusing her and hitting her. She knew she couldn’t get him thrown in jail like she did with the other so she tried to murder him and frame the murder on her daughters grandma. Yeah, she poured rubbing alcohol in his drinks, twice. Luckily this guy wasn’t an idiot, he caught her in lies, cheating, and the attempted murder. He noticed towords the end of their relationship she was losing a lot of weight and acting real strange, from asking some friends of hers at her work turns out she’s been talking with a drug dealer, sleeping with and is currently dating an old 60 something year old divorced man, she’s 22 btw. She and the old fart had came to his house one night and started shit, she punched his mother and dislocated her own shoulder trying to break her door down to get to her daughter, who is 2 btw. She had lied to me and everyone els saying it was that guy who did that to her shoulder. If you want to date this abusive, manipulating, pig of a girl then I suggest you do what the last guy did, take her to get tested for STDs every month do to her compulsive lying whorish ways.

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