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Found on: 2022-10-05 10:10:21

Source: SnakeHoney Tattoos; Review – Business

Beware of SnakeHoney Tattoos; SnakeHoney Reptiles; Rachelle Alexandra Ink; RachelleInk.xo; and Xandra Ink – operated by Kristopher Clement Swain & Rachelle Alexandra Edwards of Kamloops, BC, Canada.

While operating their now defunct business, ‘Wildwood Tattoo Parlour’ which they abandoned after getting raided for paying their employees under the table and for tax evasion, they left deposit and gift card holders hanging. They didn’t take or return phone calls. They didn’t reply to text messages and emails sent to them ‘bounced’ from their email server.

If you give these two scammers your money, you will never see it again!

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