Should children be taught that Britain is institutionally racist?

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Elliot Reid, Black History School founder, and Director of Studies at the Henry Jackson Society Sam Ashworth-Hayes discuss whether children should be taught that Britain is institutionally racist.

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Watch more at: Should children be taught that Britain is institutionally racist?

21 thoughts on “Should children be taught that Britain is institutionally racist?”

  1. If you ever ask this question you are the problem. Do not let your kids be on Twitter. Know who their teachers are. This brainwashing with the lowest forms of entertainment needs to end. Smarten up people before this Country is doomed.

  2. GB news, stop even discussing this utter bollocks , were all fckin sick of the whingy whiney race baiters, there just fake people acting nice

  3. elliot -black history school founder-have you mentioned in your school that britain freed slaves, mmmmm may be not.

  4. Darren Grimes is a legend he's no sell out like Tom harwood

    And the British empire was good they gave technology and advancement to civilisations!! Just like the ROMAN EMPIRE DID

    As for CV's .. as a heterosexual white male I can assure this guy we are the lowest on the pecking order for jobs

  5. Just going on first few seconds!!

    YES CRT is teaching kids they are privileged and oppressed!

    As for this story of him being called that at 5 ? What a utter lie 5 year olds do not talk like this at all

  6. blatantly obvious he has no interest in a discussion, he has a grift to promote and that is all he is there to do.

  7. Seems to me everything coming out of Brighton is poison. If the guy thinks Britain is that bad , go somewhere else.

  8. No children shouldn't be taught nonsense! But the British establishment are full of satanic worshipping, pedo, cannibals some of whom are inherently racists.. and these arseholes run British institutions, therefore one can conclude that aspects of Britain is institutionally racist! But more significantly they are satanic!

  9. Immigrate into another peoples country to live of everything they built and then scream racism until they give you more handouts and what's so enraging about this is it works

    just look at the comments in this comment section the native British are so weak they cant even defend themselves as a people every comment is some childish nonsense about how "color doesn't matter" as fi that's all race is and it obviously does matter when its the thing these people are attacking you for

  10. Children don't see race – to them we all are all equal just different colours!! It's the adults who poison their minds 😠😠

  11. britain is institutionally racist, look how the white native britain has been gimped and invaded and conquered by judeans and their black foot soldiers. william of norwicfh……

  12. People are people doesn't matter what colour you are. We are all the same inside. I'm white and love the colour black.,🇦🇺

  13. Should children be taught lies? No.
    Lies designed to demoralize and divide society? No – OBVIOUSLY.

  14. Race peddlers are everywhere now. There's actually good money in this kind of racket, if they manage to get a contract with Ministries/Departments of Education.


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