Sharp Grills Danny Mullen About His Racist Past

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Sharps pulls up t the No Jumper Show to do some straightening on Danny Mullen

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48 thoughts on “Sharp Grills Danny Mullen About His Racist Past”

  1. The guy who said said people just get offended by everything definitely doesn't think deep enough about what comedy communicates to people. If you have to end your jokes with "if any of you get offended, you're soft", more than likely, your joke is just a cheap shot.

  2. Lmaoo!!!!! Prison shower rape April 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣 ROFL , shows that those other guys are way more racist than Danny

  3. I think as humans we are prejudice because of instinct and honestly passing judgment can't save your life in certain situations

  4. Sharp is real as fuck. But that man could not go to a stand up comedy show cuz he’d be calling out the comedian for racism

  5. Also pretty funny the guy getting mad at him isn’t black he’s Mexican and Mexicans really should not be allowed to say Nigga there not black

  6. Some small spark of truth? Think ppl can acknowledg that, well people get raped in prison? True. Too many black men in prison? True. That's all you need for prison rape april?

  7. That dude next to the white dude is the whitest black dude I’ve ever seen 😂 and he’s verifying or vouching the white dude for racist jokes man this is crazy 😂


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