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Sharon Valley Car Wash LLC
United States, Pennsylvania, Sharon

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Sep 6, 2022

Sharon Valley Car Wash LLC

1364 East State St, United States, Pennsylvania, Sharon

Sharon Valley Car Wash LLC

Valley Car Wash is one of Sharon, PA’s oldest businesses, having opened in 1957. We are known for being a top quality, full service soft touch car wash and detail shop. Our cleaning clothes are made from a smooth, closed cell foam that does not hold dirt. Equipment goes through routine cleaning every morning to ensure the best and safest cleaning performance.

All washes include bug and salt removal along with hand towel dry with the best quality, microfiber towels available in the industry. We power wash all vehicles to remove 90% off dirt prior to sending down the tunnel through the wash. This power washing is a step majority of car washes have now eliminated to save labor cost but is the most important step to protect paint from micro abrasions that can be a result of larger dirt particles being rubbed against the paint during the cleaning process. We offer everything from an exterior only to doing essentially everything inside and outside the vehicle. Our detailing services are top notch and available by appointment only.

If you’ve never visited the Valley Car Wash, we’d love the opportunity to show you what we can do for you and your vehicle.


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