Sandra Kljaic — Zagreb, Croatia

Found on: 2022-06-12 14:10:15

Source: Sandra Kljaic — Zagreb, Croatia

This sex chatroom camwhore and ugly home wrecker is Sandra Kljaic. She is a pathetic little prostitute who is begging to be shamed on this website as she insists on destroying lives by getting involved with married men… By night, she goes by the name of “CandyPanty” on backpage ads where she meets expats and sells her services to weak and immoral men like my (ex) husband. By day, she claims to hold a “legit” job and depending on which of her multiple social media profiles you rely on, she is either: a nanny (babysitting my ex I’m assuming!), a model (hilarious… panty model perhaps?), a restaurant waitress (ass on the menu tonight?) or a city employee. I may be confused about her real profession but I can tell you with certitude that she makes an excellent career out of wrecking families.

Miss crusty panties here pursued my (ex) husband for weeks after servicing him for the first time. He must have tipped her generously because after just one wild night she started declaring her undying love for a man that she had just met and whom had paid her for sex! She was relentless… sending him numerous text messages and emails which I discovered on his phone after he accidentally left it at home. I read dozens of sickening text messages about sex in public places and some ridiculous ones about how she was an “educated and well travelled lady” (yeah, right) who could speak “good” English (pretty sure she could not write it though) and how she planned on traveling to the U.S. and Canada to become a star (lol… a porn star maybe?). My dumb (ex) husband did not even bother to delete the perverted pictures of this cheap whore in her dollarstore washed out undergarments from his phone. So after months of hard work, hours of sexting and sex video chats, this low self-esteem, no self-respect wife-wannabe finally got her wish when I sent my ex packing. She gloated triumphantly at the idea that she had succeeded to lure him out of our house (and our kids’ lives), paraded in my car like the queen of England and did not miss an opportunity to remind me, via abusive texts, that he had chosen her over us. If only this attention whore who cannot get a decent young man to look her way (for obvious reasons) could realize that maybe if she stopped selling her body and read a book she wouldn’t have to chase after other people’s men! But then again what would be the fun in it, right? She would much rather fantasize about being better than a wife just because she is able to satisfy a man’s urges, but honey the truth is you will never cultivate his essence and deep down he knows that there is something greatly unstable in your world (like the fact that you are ok being a side bitch for one) which leaves you unable to keep a man in the first place. Needless to say that this illusion of a love story was short lived as being a housewife actually requires you to have a brain and not just to spread your legs apart… So after this hooker emptied my ex’s pockets, ruined his career, his reputation and his relationships, she gave him chlamydia and dumped him for another married man with a bigger wallet. Thanks SandyPanty for paying back my ex for me (couldn’t have done a better job myself) and you can thank me later for returning the favour and exposing you for the HomeWrecker and b**ch that you truly are! What goes around comes around…

Source: Sandra Kljaic — Zagreb, Croatia

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