Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Centre B&B Portugal – Death…

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Source: Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Centre B&B Portugal – Death…

This Ayahuasca retreat center partnered up with another retreat center called Earth Connection Portugal in October 2016 run by their sister and brother-in-law named Johannes Maasland.

The Sanctuary still offer detox days with Earth Connection Portugal as of March 19th 2017 (see screenshot)

However, on the 11th November 2016, one of the operators of Earth Connection Portugal (based in Travanca de Lagos), Johannes Maasland, was arrested with 14 kilos of cannabis (for proof go to the GNR website and find a listing for that date). See also extract below (in screenshot)

On January 23rd 2017, a Spiritual Master was also threatened with being killed, crippled and put in a wheelchair or caused to be put in hospital by the same individual Johannes Massland, in front of witnesses (whilst on police bail), and whilst drunk (3 days before an Ayahuasca retreat when he was supposed to be observing formal dieta which includes abstinence from alcohol), because the then business partner of Sanctuary 1860 named Johannes Maasland wrongly thought that the Spiritual Master reported him to the police for his cannabis.

Sanctuary 1860 were told and ran the retreat anyway some days later.

Johannes Maasland now faces anything up to 8 years in prison and is being investigated for making death threats, as are Sanctuary 1860 for any involvement they may have had in inciting the death threats.

It is unclear whether Sanctuary 1860 are still involved with Johannes, although their website seems to indicate so – but it would be the truth to say that they were involved with him at the time of making the death threats and they were involved with those who commit criminal and illegal acts (drug trafficking under Portugal law) and threaten to kill people.

For those reasons people should avoid this retreat center until the full truth is ascertained, as it may be they had something to do with condoning the violence, and if they do, they would certainly be unsuited to run retreats of any kind as they may have some discernment issues to address.

Found At: Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Centre B&B Portugal – Death threats by sanctuary 1860 ayahuasca retreat partner johannes maasland against spiritual master

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