San Luis Potosí-Matehuala, the deadly highway 57 with more…

Source: San Luis Potosí-Matehuala, the deadly highway 57 with more…

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In its 180 kilometers in length, the San Luis Potosí-Matehuala highway either highway 57, In 2020, more than 81 road accidents occurred, in 25 of them there were deaths and 27 accidents reported injuries.

The yearbooks of the Mexican Institute of Transportation (IMT) show that around 22% of all accidents recorded on Potosí highways occur on this road.

Between the months of August to September is when the greatest number of mishaps are reported on this road; They average around 11 accidents per month in this period.

Saturdays and Wednesdays are when more mishaps or collisions are reported.

The main causes of mishaps are associated with driver errors, driving at excessive speed or not respecting road signs or prohibited maneuvers.

Another section of this road with a high number of accidents is Matehuala-Saltillo.

The authority explains that it makes it dangerous due to incidents such as road collisions and robberies, since this was placed among the four most dangerous in the country due to the increase in vehicular flow on its highways.

In addition, climatic factors, mainly heat, affect this section, causing loss of concentration and fatigue for drivers, increasing the risk of incidents.

San Luis Potosí-Matehuala, is also the deadliest

It is also the deadliest highway in the state, in 2020 30 people were reported dead in accidents that occurred on the San Luis Potosí-Matehuala section.

The second highway in Potosí with the most deaths is that of San Luis Potosí-Ciudad Valles, with 17.

Two years ago, a total of 113 deaths and 264 injuries were reported in road accidents in the entity.

The deadliest accident of the year

On April 12, on highway 57 San Luis Potosí-Matehuala, near the town of Villa Arista, a collision between two trailers was recorded; this caused the partial closure of the road for several hours.

This terrible road mishap was captured by the National Guard (GN), who requested the help of state Civil Protection and Fire Department corporations to turn off the cargo vehicles that were ignited due to the collision.

#TakePrecautions in #SLP, a circulation lane is enabled due to the conclusion of maneuvers after #RoadAccident approximately at km 060 + 000 highway (2370) San Luis Potosí-Matehuala, same section. Emergency services personnel and #NationalGuard provide support on site.

– National Highway Guard (@GN_Carreteras) April 13, 2022

In the GN report regarding road accidents in Mexico registered in 2021, it was established that 606 road mishaps had already been reported on SLP roads. The state was located in position number eight, among the entities with the most road mishaps on the highway last year.

The first three places are occupied by Veracruz (1365), Guanajuato (802) and the State of Mexico (769).

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